Certificates and verifications


Patented know-how

We have been known as having practical experience with durable, high quality and intelligent building sealing solutions for 45 years. Over the decades, we have always oriented our product developments to the needs of the market and exploited the possibilities of advanced technologies. This has resulted in a large number of patented and protected product solutions that demonstrate our immense know-how in building waterproofing.

ISO-Chemie have produced over 70 patents with numerous individual applications – a strong proof for the impressive innovative strength of our company.

Trust in the reliability and innovative strength of ISO-Chemie!


10 year Function Warranty

We are so convinced of the extraordinary performance of our products that we can offer you a 10-year functional guarantee! We thus far exceed the legal warranty period and set an exceedingly high-quality standard. Our basis for the 10-year functional guarantee is comprehensive quality management with long-term functional tests, long-term free weathering and load tests.


Certified passive house product solutions

Our ISO-TOP WINFRAMER in front of wall installation system, also our ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC and ISO-BLOCO ONE multifunctional joint sealing tape have been awarded the title of “Certified Components” by the Passive House Institute Dr. Feist Darmstadt (PHI). The coveted awards confirm that the product solutions suitable for the installation and sealing of door and window elements are optimally suited for use in passive houses due to their excellent energy quality. Planners and fabricators can therefore be sure that the use of these products contributes significantly to ensuring the proper functioning of a passive house.


An excellent range for RAL quality-assured window installation

The RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Gebäudeabdichtungssysteme e.V. has already been awarded to many of our first-class product solutions for energy-efficient building waterproofing.

The RAL quality mark “Joint sealing components and systems” represents reliability, quality and standardised installation procedures. Architects, planners and fabricators appreciate the products certified by the RAL Quality Association, as they fulfil the applicable regulations for the execution of window sealants.

In order to be able to guarantee the reliability and quality of the awarded products as well as compliance with the quality and testing regulations at all times, regular internal checks and external inspections take place.


Award for very low-emission waterproofing products

Many of our sealing products are rated as “very low-emission” with the GEV mark EMICODE® EC1PLUS. This premium classification by the Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials e.V. (GEV) means maximum possible protection against ambient air contamination. As a result, both users and clients can be sure that these products do not give off hazardous substances into the ambient air and do not represent any risk to health.

> Brochure: Breathe easily with EMICODE


Responsible action

We face up to our responsibility for a future worth living. As we are an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of energy-efficient and sustainable waterproofing solutions, our corporate strategy clearly includes responsible environmental and quality management. We work consistently to improve the environmental impact of our products and are constantly expanding our corporate environmental activities.

Our environmental management system is regularly checked by an external body to ensure that we continue to improve. As a further statement of the sustainability of our products, we have drawn up environmental product declarations (EPDs) for many of our sealing systems. EPDs present a comprehensive balance of all the environmental impact related to the production of our products and prove the energy efficiency of our products.


Tested quality

ift Rosenheim – The institute for window technology

Much of our product testing is carried out by ift Rosenheim, one of Germany’s most prestigious testing institutes. ift Rosenheim specialises in tests associated with windows, doors and facades and, as an accredited testing institute, guarantees maximum professionalism and practical relevance. For example, the component tests to ift guidelines MO-01/1 and MO-01/2 on our sealing solutions are carried out under the conditions encountered in practice in order to create a highly realistic situation.



Another of our important and reliable partners is IMA Dresden. It is responsible for verifying the load-bearing capacity of our ISO-TOP WINFRAMER in-front-of-wall installation systems.

IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH (abbreviated to IMA Dresden) is an independent, certified and accredited test centre that specialises in mechanical testing. From micro-screws through to the Airbus A380 aircraft – it can test anything that is exposed to mechanical stresses, whether in the short or long-term.

For strength testing, validation or material specifications, IMA Dresden brings together the necessary expertise with respect to testing standards, approval and certification tests and experimental studies. Its accredited test laboratories are constantly examining innovative products and technologies from the aviation, rail, automotive and medical instrumentation sectors, the plastics and metal industries and other branches of industry.


MPA Braunschweig

The Civil Engineering Materials Testing Institute (MPA BS) based in Braunschweig is an independently-operating state institution working in the construction sector and focussing on fire protection, structural integrity and the sealing of structures. In particular, MPA Braunschweig evaluates construction products and confirms that they conform to requirements. However it also has extensive experience in testing and appraising the fitness for purpose of structures.

And the construction companies that carry out the work have many questions concerning both the structural integrity of in-front-of-wall installation systems and fire protection. Today, large construction projects require extensive tests and approvals before they can be implemented. And reliable tests are especially needed in the fields of stress analysis and fire protection.



dataholz.eu is a catalogue of wood and wood-based materials, building materials, components and component connections for timber construction covering thermal, acoustic, fire and ecological performance levels and released by accredited testing institutes. These datasheets will generally be accepted as proofs of compliance by building authorities.

For users, it is becoming increasingly difficult to select the right tested products for day-to-day applications. Dataholz.eu selects these for the Austrian market and provides reliable information for the user. For us as a supplier of high-quality sealing products it is natural that we would want to illustrate our performance and effectiveness transparently on an independent platform.



The baubook web platform supports the implementation of sustainable buildings. For manufacturers and retailers it provides target group-specific advertising platforms, a simple verification process for funding applications and public tendering, plus a straightforward online product declaration. For developers, municipalities and building contractors, baubook provides a clearly set-out platform for selecting environmental product assessment criteria and support for the implementation of sustainably planned buildings.

Of course, it includes our own products and the parameters are set out in detail. This enables project managers and building contractors to quickly and easily select the right products.



Building certificates are valuable tools for planning, quality assurance, building documentation and marketing. At the same time, they provide valuable documentation of the intrinsic value of properties. Since they have to bring in long-term profits, they need to be planned and constructed with a far-sighted view of possible future issues. So building certifications have rightly become much more common in recent years.

bauXund has been working as an auditor for several years for the three most relevant building certification bodies in Austria (DGNB/ÖGNI, ÖGNB/TQB and klimaaktiv), and has successfully certified a large number of construction projects. With all of its experience, bauXund qualifies as a klimaaktiv “competence partner”. For LEED and BREEAM certifications, bauXund is again familiar with the various criteria catalogues, and has contributed to these assessment processes as a specialist eco-building planner.

The life cycle assessments and life-cycle costings carried out as part of the building certification represent a central indicator for the sustainability and cost-efficiency described above. This enables both the costs and the environmental footprint of the building to be minimised, while achieving valuable points for the building certification process. bauXund calculates both the life cycle analysis (LCA) and the life-cycle costs (LCC).



Buildings constructed from lightweight steel structures have a large number of joints. Products that are matched to the materials used and the precise geometry and are certified to IFBS standards are able to permanently seal such joints, thus ensuring that the building’s energy costs remain stable.

The focus of these sealing products is air tightness, elasticity and thermal separation. ift Rosenheim has system tested and certified the characteristics of the IFBS-compliant seal types. This gives planners and building contractors certainty when selecting and using these seals.

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