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We take on all your problems and provide comprehensive advice for your project. Either on our premises or on yours – our highly qualified employees will inform you about energy-efficient and sustainable sealing solutions.




Telephone advice service for installers and retailers

Product advice

Not sure which joint sealant is best for a particular job? Confused by all the different options and combinations on offer? Tell us about your construction project and we’ll help you find the right technical solution -at the right price!


Application advice 

Building damage is most likely to occur when either the wrong products have been used or when they have been wrongly installed. To help avoid problems of this kind, we can provide you with all the information you need on our products and their installation.


Building damage advice

If something does go wrong, you need quick and easy access to support. It’s often possible to carry out a simple, inexpensive repair or remedial work. Why not ask us? Our team of highly-trained experts will be happy to advise you either at our premises or yours.


Energy efficiency advice

The requirements of the Building Energy Act regulations are becoming ever more stringent. This is the same for the UK Buildings Regulations (including Scotland). The key priority is sustainable and efficient use of energy resources. U-values, a-values, sd-values, PSI and fRSI-values are therefore more important than ever. Let our expert advisors help you keep up to date on all Building Energy Act issues.

On-site advice for installers

Product advice

Building work already underway and unscheduled alterations needed? We’ll help find the right product for you by talking to the designer or architect.


Application advice

Need reassurance that our products are being installed correctly? We can provide all the support you need, including help with that crucial first installation of our product on-site. Our mobile technical team will be on hand to support and advise you every step of the way so that you can be confident of achieving best results.


Advice on building damage

Even with optimum planning and execution, there will always be an element of residual risk. In many cases a professional repair is possible. We can offer tips and advice on correcting defects.

Advice for architects and designers

Product advice

Just as there are diverse and individual styles of architecture, so too there is a whole range of different assembly and sealing options. From the simplest self-adhesive tapes to ultra-modern, in front of wall sub-assembly frames and innovative, multi-function joint sealing strips. We can offer advice on all our products, explain the various test certificates and provide you with specification documentation.


Application advice

A carefully-planned construction schedule is essential to achieve timely completion and smooth transitions between trades. As well as optimal interfacing with other works, allowance also has to be made for seasonal factors. We can help with coordinating these various challenges to establish what can be done, when and how!


Advice on building damage

Safe implementation, transparency and professional help in dealing with problems – we can give support with all of these.


Energy-efficiency advice

Energy-saving regulations, KfW and otherinfluences mean the focus is very much on the careful planning of a building’s energy efficiency. We can help you with the technical specifications of our sealing systems and advise you on your choice of suitable alternatives.






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