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As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of sealing technology, ISO-Chemie is now able provide architects and specialist planners with BIM-ready product data for its sealing and in front of wall installation solutions.

ISO-Chemie’s new webshop recently came online at the ISO-PORTAL. The sealing systems specialist’s customers are now able to place orders around the clock – from anywhere. This brings 24/7 flexibility to the working day and simplifies the ordering process, either from the office or using mobile devices on site.

ISO-Chemie has a great new addition to its in-front-of-wall installation system. These boards can be used to produce special design components when fitting windows in the outer thermal insulation level.

ISO-Chemie has extended its primer range with a new environmentally-friendly version that offers outstanding adhesive strength. As the product name (ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER) suggests, this is a spray-on bonding agent.

Shortly before the construction work was completed, Mayor Thilo Rentschler visited the site to view the current status of the ISO-Chemie expansion project in Röntgenstraße, Aalen. This investment is intended to future-proof the family-owned company’s site, so the planned expansion concept is being implemented systematically.

ISO-Chemie, the sealing specialist, now has an environment and climate-friendly organic product range. The new ISO-CONNECT „BLUE LINE“ bio-based window connection foils offer sustainable sealing both inside and outside the window.

EU-Gebäuderichtlinie 2021
EU-Gebäuderichtlinie 2021

ISO-Chemie already provides designers and installers with energy-efficient and sustainable product solutions that conform to the specifications of the current "European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive" (EPBD).

EU-Gebäuderichtlinie 2021
EU-Gebäuderichtlinie 2021

When tested to resistance class RC 2, the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYP 3“ easily withstood attacks using all the specified tools.

Andy Swift has been appointed as head of UK and Republic of Ireland operations for window and door sealants and air tightness specialist, ISO-Chemie.