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Sturdy aluminium case system with packaging padding

Our range of ISO-CASES ALU offers first-class case systems with customised ISO-PACKAGING PADDING as a complete solution.

Stability and service life

The outstanding feature of ISO-CASES ALU compared with other aluminium cases is their particularly stable frame structure. The walls are made of hard aluminium sheet and thus offer special protection for your goods. Heavy-duty quality rivets guarantee additional stability.

The solid aluminium frame ensures that the case closes exactly even after years of frequent use.

Excellent to carry and close

Alongside the extremely practical and reliably closing one-hand flap locks made of chrome-plated steel, the ergonomically shaped carry handles guarantee convenient transport.



Product features

  • frame structure made of solid aluminium
  • case walls made of hard aluminium sheet
  • comfortable, hinged carry handle
  • one-hand flap locks made of chrome-plated steel


  • detachable trolley system
  • document compartments
  • perforated plate
  • variable partition system
  • carry strap
Article Inner dimensions
W x H x D (mm)
Outer dimensions
W x H x D (mm)
IAC-100 340 x 295 x 85 55/30 355 x 340 x 120
IAC-200 435 x 315 x 200 170/30 450 x 355 x 220
IAUC-100 440 x 330 x 115 95/20 455 x 380 x 130
IAUC-200 460 x 330 x 160 80/80 475 x 380 x 185
IAUC-300 500 x 380 x 130 110/20 515 x 430 x 145
IASC-100 485 x 357 x 175 120/55 500 x 415 x 205
IASC-200 485 x 357 x 235 180/55 500 x 415 x 255
IASC-300 550 x 430 x 195 140/55 565 x 485 x 225
IASC-400 625 x 485 x 215 160/55 640 x 540 x 245

Prices, other sizes and equipment versions on request


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