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Foam inserts for cases and containers

Foam inserts for cases and boxes

ISO PACKAGING PADDING is the perfect supplement for our packaging systems. The inserts provide perfect protection both for heavy and fragile parts.


Perfect fit and permanent hold

Sensitive goods need packaging that guarantees safety during transport and storage. We supply inserts that perfectly match the shape, weight and sensitivity of the packaging parts. Foam inserts are adapted exactly to the case and glued in place to prevent any slipping.


Tailor-made solution

A well thought-out division system establishes order and makes it easy to access products. Whether our customers need oddments trays or recesses, we manufacture tailor-made filling pieces and compartment covers – for protection or presentation purposes.


Effective use of material

We calculate the required padding height on the basis of weight, area, drop height and sensitivity of the goods you wish to transport.


Product variants

  • a range of colours, colour combinations
  • different quality standards to match the packaged goods
  • panels and blanks on request
  • customisation even in very small quantities