Presentation and complete packaging

Representative concepts

A well-made product presentation is often a significant factor in commercial success. We will draw up a representative packaging concept for you that emphasises the attractiveness of your products.

Tailor-made systems

Do your goods need to be housed in a tiny space, whilst still being well-protected? We will develop a packaging solution as a complete system that is tailored to your requirements.


Versatile solutions

We offer a large selection of complete solutions for your products that will meet your needs. These include large and small cases, transport containers (made from plastic, aluminium or wood) and cardboard packaging with individual foam inlays.

Cleverly-arranged divisions

A well thought-out divider system creates order, gives a quick overview of the contents and allows easy access to your safely stored products. We have exactly the right foam in a range of colours for every packaged item.

More effective advertising

Reinforce the advertising impact during product presentations. Have your packaging products marked with your company logo or brand name. Marked load carriers, tool and device inserts can also be assigned more easily with our ISO-MARKING SYSTEM IKS