Enviromental product declaration EPD for technical parts


Enviromental product declaration for technical parts made of PE-, PP and PUR-foams

We have tested our technical parts and the foam technology product range and certified by ift Rosenheim in accordance with European standard ISO 14025 and following EN 15804. The EPD presents a comprehensive balance of all the environmental impact related to the production of technical parts. The entire life cycle from production through installation and useful life phase to disposal was taken into account. The environment declaration also provides information about the use of energy and other resources, and the extent to which our technical parts contribute to the greenhouse effect, acid rain, over-fertilisation, destruction of the ozone layer and smog creation.

In addition, the EPD confirms that our technical parts do not contain any substances of high concern in accordance with the REACH candidate list and, in particular, have hardly any negative impact on the environment when in use. It also provides confirmation of the fact that no emissions are discharged to the internal ambient air, water and soil, in compliance with the high requirements of Class EC1PLUS of the GEV testing method which the technical parts made of PE, PP and PUR foam are subject to. The foam products can also be reused several times and recycled following corresponding use and wear.


We have been relying on environmentally friendly production methods which go easy on resources for years now, as well as on the use of harmless and recyclable materials, which is reflected in the positive ecological balance of the Environmental Product Declaration.