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ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 in front of wall installation system

Expands when exposed to heat

The intumescent effect of the PURATHERM E30 material makes the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM perfect for use in fire protection facades. As with the classic „TYPE 1”, the E30 type variant allows window and door elements to be quickly positioned in the insulation level and securely fixed by mechanical means.

The system comprises a thermally insulating and load-bearing system angle made from PURATHERM. There are also ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BOARDS E30 available for partial installation in front of the wall. These can be combined with the system angles to achieve larger projections.



ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 in front of wall installation system

Intumescent effect when exposed to heat

  • Windows can be fitted in the outer thermal insulation level
  • E30 to EN 1366-4
  • Intumescent constituents expand when exposed to heat
  • Simple adaptation of length using standard mitre saws
  • Reduces structural thermal bridges
  • User-friendly insertion system for ease of installation
  • Complies with EnEV requirements and the principles of the RAL "Installation guide"
  • Can be combined with the products from the ISO3-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM
  • 10-year functional warranty*

* Under the manufacturer's conditions (available on request).



The in front of wall installation system for fire protection facades

The system contains intumescent constituents which expand when exposed to heat. The system angles and system boards are therefore suitable for applications where there are special fire protection requirements for load transfer from windows and balcony and patio doors. They also provide an optimum base for sealing window connection joints.


Firmest hold in the outer thermal insulation level

The convenient insertion system makes handling very simple since only one person is needed for installation. Even cutting to length is incredibly straightforward; ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM ANGLES „TYPE 1” E30 AND SYSTEM BOARDS E30 are prefabricated in many different formats. They can then be cut to length on site using a mitre saw.


The system is attached to the masonry using ISO-TOP FLEXIBLE ADHESIVE WF and additional fixing bolts (not supplied with the system). The window and door elements are mechanically fixed directly to the load-bearing frame system using conventional through-hole fittings, either using metal lugs or with standard window fixing screws. The in-front-of-wall installation system is then covered with a thermal insulation composite system made from mineral wool or EPS-F.



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