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The vapour diffusion permeable special foil with low inherent rigidity

ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE CX is a special foil that can be plastered over to seal outside building connection joints airtight and resistant to driving rain. Thanks to its vapour diffusion permeability, the weather-resistant foil allows moisture trapped in building joints to escape, thus avoiding expensive damage caused by condensation.



Precise attachment to angled structures

  • airtight and windproof, vapour diffusion permeable
  • resistant to pelting rain
  • special fleece surface which is good for plastering, painting or gluing over
  • with self-adhesive strips for quick and effective installation
  • low inherent rigidity but with a high tensile strength at the same time
  • complies with EnEV requirements and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request)



Straightforward installation on the window frame

ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE CX is made of a synthetic fleece which is equipped with a self-adhesive strip for quick and effective application to the window frame. Despite its tear-resistant properties, the foil has a low inherent rigidity which makes precise application possible even on angled structures.



Ideal as a base for thermal insulation composite systems (WDVS)

ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE XC is used for gluing over connection joints on windows, doors and panels. The plaster backing fleece provides optimum adhesion for adhesive, plaster etc. and makes it ideal as a base for thermal insulation composite systems (WDVS).



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