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We hold product training and technical training events regularly at our ISO-Chemie training centre. This is where you find out everything about our products, practical application techniques and useful information related to the subject of building sealing.


We can also carry out mobile training on your premises or on the construction site if required.

Training objectives

Retailers, distributors, installers and their employees need fast, professional, simple but detailed explanations of our intelligent products. Only someone who really understands these products and their particular characteristics is qualified to install them, trust them and sell them.


It is therefore essential that anyone involved with our products has fast and direct access to the information they need. In addition to presentations and lectures, we also offer practical training, online help and printed guides– in fact, whatever the customer needs to get started using our products safely and cost-effectively.


Our training courses are aimedat all our customers, agents and their employees. Our products are developed and produced to high standards of quality and function. Only skilled, highly-trained specialists have the necessary expertise to be able to offer advice on, sell and install our products.


All customers have both a right and a duty to undergo training in the use of our products. Our courses are constantly updated and are based on generally approved technical standards. The different modules on offer are tailored to suit individual needs, which means you only study subjects relevant to you.


Training courses are available either at our modern training centre or at your premises, saving you both time and travel costs.

Topics covered


  • getting to know the ISO-Chemie GmbH product range: product and technical knowledge
  • product and installation training for all ISO-Chemie products: theory and practice
  • issues around energy-efficiency and building physics
  • lectures on professional joint sealing to RAL "Installation Guide"  

Costs available on request



Group sizes

  • product training sessions: groups of any size possible
  • lectures on professional joint sealing to RAL standards: groups of any size possible
  • practical training / Installation: maximum group size 20
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