Despite advances in glass and window frame technology that delivers first class thermal insulating properties too many applications - and customers - are being let down by second rate installations, says Andy Swift, technical advisor for leading foam sealants supplier ISO-Chemie.

He believes that it could be ‘criminal’ that many windows and door installations go unchecked or unregulated, leaving a potential legacy of problems that can last for years and cost thousands of pounds to rectify in the long run.

He says: “Heat always seeks the fastest exit as it comes up against the ‘A’ or ‘A+’ rated window and this is invariably the 10mm or so expansion gap left around the window when it was originally fitted."

“This is normally left empty, or some uncontrolled volume of spray foam is injected to fill the void before a silicone trim is applied for a smart looking finish."

“Unfortunately, as expedient as this might be, none of these solutions create a measurable, long term, high performance thermal, acoustic or airtight barrier - the U-value of the installed window is simply reduced, ensued by heat loss and money is wasted."

Andy Swift says installers deserve better insulating products to save energy and money for the end user and points to the latest generation of high performance foam sealing tapes, which use ‘smart’ foams impregnated with different substances to create a measurable U-Value as low as 0.6w/m2k, giving superb thermal insulation and acoustic sound reduction by 44dB

“As these installation tapes are completely weather tight against driving rain, even to Violent Storm Force 11 wind speeds,” says Andy Swift, “installers can quickly apply them around the frame during initial fitting."

“This provides them with the assurance that they have completed a comprehensive ‘A’ rated installation rather than just supplying an ‘A’ rated window. This is a benefit that can be sold on to create more sales and save more energy for customers and property owners.”

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