Windows, doors and buildings are becoming increasingly effective at retaining energy by incorporating many intelligent products and materials which are now established in the marketplace. Superb glass and composite materials make for superb energy efficient constructions, and once all these components are combined, the synergy between them creates super-efficient buildings.


But, of course windows and doors need to be fitted into apertures of some sort and the gaps that are required around these windows and doors need to accommodate movement and expansion. Unless this ‘gap’ is not considered, the entire point of the original energy efficiency brief can be compromised.

Visitors to the ISO-Chemie stand at the FiT Show will be able to see the latest world class solutions to seal these weak points using an innovative 3 level sealing principal.

The special ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM, based on the European RAL principle of three level sealing, is a high performance concept whereby an external seal provides weather resistance and breathability, an intermediate seal provides extra thermal and acoustic properties, and an internal layer meets air tightness and humidity requirements.

All three levels are designed to accommodate any movement between the adjacent construction materials. This ensures an outer layer of weather protection, a centre layer of sound and thermal insulation and an inner level of air-tightness and vapour barrier. It means the inside is ‘tighter’ than the outside.

Special combinations of individual ISO-Chemie sealant products can be utilised in the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM, giving it the versatility to meet specific installation standards and building regulations.

These products are not just for high end dwellings and are utilised throughout the fenestration industry for general homeowners wishing to change their windows and doors. ISO-Chemie sealing products can be fitted to all types of window from timber and pvcu to aluminium and steel. They are designed to make the 3-level sealing system easy to install for fitters by using just one product. This creates the 3-level seal far more swiftly and effectively than using silicones and messy spray foam.

All windows and door sealing systems should ideally have a measurable U-Value for the perimeter gap to be at least as good a level as the window itself has. Existing methods have no way of proving this, whereas the ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL and ISO-BLOCO ONE products have measurable data available.
The slow expansion of the foam tapes time means it is easy to install the window and move on to the next one to create a more rapid fitting time. As the tapes are installed on the frame on-site, there are no health and safety issues by needing to ‘hang’ out of the window to silicone or trim up.

The ISO-Chemie stand will have regular live installation demonstrations where visitors can the ease and speed of installation for themselves. UK technical consultants will also be available to offer marketing tips that can be linked to the products that will help business owners and installers to convey the benefits of the system to customers – improving your competitive position and helping you to secure more business.

As an international business based in Germany, ISO-Chemie offers advance technologies and ideas to meet the ‘efficiency-hungry’ demands of the construction sector. ISO-Chemie sealing solutions have been designed for all types of window installations and window industry businesses. The range is designed to help companies get more sales at better margins by providing easier and quicker fitting and, most importantly, ensuring that a complete energy-rated installation is achieved, not just an energy rated window.

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