April 2020


ISO-Chemie, the sealing specialist, now has an environment and climate-friendly organic product range. The new ISO-CONNECT “BLUE LINE” bio-based window connection foils offer sustainable sealing both inside and outside the window.

Both ISO-CONNECT INSIDE “BLUE LINE” and OUTSIDE “BLUE LINE” are produced from renewable raw ingredients. The polymers used to manufacture them are based on sugar-containing plants such as sugar beet, sugarcane, corn, maize and other similar species. The particular benefit is that these types of plant are able to absorb large amounts of CO2 while they are growing. Actively harmful greenhouse gases are reduced as a result —an important aspect of climate protection.


As Andreas Lange, Technology and Training Manager at ISO-Chemie explains, “Sustainably produced window connection foils such as ISO-CONNECT INSIDE and OUTSIDE “BLUE LINE” provide the same technical properties as foils that are manufactured from purely synthetic raw materials. There are thus no disadvantages in terms of functionality.”


ISO-CONNECT INSIDE “BLUE LINE” is used as an air tight level for bonding over window connection joints on the inside of the building shell. A test has demonstrated that there is no measurable passage of air. The bio-based internal foil also creates a vapour diffusion barrier, thus avoiding the risk of condensation and mould build-up in the functional area.


ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE “BLUE LINE” is suitable for the external sealing of connection joints on windows, doors and panels. This flexible and resilient special foil allows vapour diffusion, thus allowing moisture to escape from the joint to the outside. The foils meet the requirements of the energy saving ordinance (EnEV) and the RAL window installation guidelines.


Both window foils are resistant to driving rain, impermeable to water, airtight and windproof and are highly stretchable. This flexible adaptability allows it to reliably absorb joint movements. The foils have low inherent rigidity and are also very tear-resistant. As a result, they can be applied easily and accurately, even on angled constructions. A special fleece surface allows the sealing foil to be easily plastered, painted and glued over. The soft and very adaptable window connection foils have a self-adhesive strip for quick and effective application to the window frame. For bonding to walls, the manufacturer recommends using ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE SP or XP. Both inside and outside foils are available in 30 m rolls and 70, 90, 145, 180, 235 and 290 mm widths. ISO-Chemie offers a 10-year functional warranty for the emission-free new Blue Line foils which are designed to create a healthy living environment.


In keeping with its motto “Blue is the new green”, ISO-Chemie is making a name for itself on the market with its new organic product range. The manufacturer has been renowned for years for its energy-efficient and sustainable sealing solutions. With these new products, it shows that it continues to lead the way and remains true to its cutting-edge “BAUFUGE 4.0” concept and the company’s “Use the blue technology” claim.

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