December 2019


Take the sting out of winter with the joint sealing strip ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION“. With a temperature change resistance of up to -30°C and other excellent properties, it’s the ideal sealing solution for façades.

Permanent weather-resistance - independently verified!

Snow, frost, wind, rain, heat or sunlight - weather conditions can be really harsh and destroy materials. But not this joint sealing strip! ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION” is designed to withstand the toughest conditions! That’s what we designed it for! It’s been verified by us and others. And: It keeps its promises!


Ten years ago, we wanted proof and had its outstanding properties verified by independent experts over the course of a decade. Not just under laboratory conditions, but real situations with real, unpredictable weather conditions. In wind and weather, snow and rain. ift Rosenheim (Testing Institute for the Evaluation of the Fitness for Use of Construction Products) supported our long-term weather exposure experiment from the start. After carrying out preliminary tests to determine the state of the strips when new, they were then tested every year for air-tightness and driving rain impermeability. We are proud to say that after 10 years, the ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION” joint sealing strip has not changed and is permanently fully functional!


RAL - Quality Assured

ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION” is not just permanently weather-resistant. It’s more than that: Independently quality tested!


The RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Fugendichtungs-Komponenten und -Systeme e.V.(Quality Assurance Association for Joint Sealing Components and Systems) specifies special quality and test regulations for joint sealing strips. The ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION” was tested according to these strict criteria by ift Rosenheim and was awarded the coveted RAL Quality Mark.


In their test report, ift Rosenheim confirmed that the ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION” meets all of the requirements in terms of temperature resistance, thermal conductivity, building materials class B1, vapour diffusion resistance, BG 1 classification, driving rain impermeability of at least 600 Pa, sealing joint permeability (a-value) of a ≤ 0,1 m3 / [h · m · (daPa)n] and a noise reduction value of 58 dB.


The ease of painting and compatibility with adjacent building materials and other materials were also tested and positively rated. We offer solutions to seal joints of 2mm up to 42mm. Our joint sealing strips also perform very well when it comes to processing because they can be installed regardless of the weather and the joints don’t need to be treated beforehand.


ISO-BLOCO 600 "PREMIUM EDITION" meets the requirements if DIN 18542 BG1 and BGR. On request, we also offer a 10-year warranty. Plus: This joint sealing strip is also available in multiple colours as a „COLOUR EDITION” so we can help you realise your colour of choice. They don’t just show weather the red card, but add a stylish colour accent!



Product information:

Defy the weather! Reliable. Verified. Safe! Our permanently elastic joint sealing strip ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION” consists of a pre-compressed PUR soft foam that has been impregnated with a flame retardant resin. It’s used to provide air-tightness and driving rain impermeability for connection and movement joints in building constructions up to 100m high and stands out among the competition thanks to its UV resistance and durability.




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