At BAU 2017, the manufacturer of energy-efficient and sustainable sealing solutions received two awards from the Passivehouse Institute for Passivehouse-certified products.

Dr Benjamin Krick, leader of the Component Certification working group at the Passive House Institute, presented ISO-Chemie with the special awards for the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER and the ISO-BLOCO ONE multi-functional joint sealing tape.


Inge Knorn, Marketing Manager at ISO-Chemie, was delighted to receive the awards and emphasised that both product solutions offer outstanding thermal values, making them ideal for use in passive energy houses.


To achieve certification as a Passive House component in the window connection category, the in-front-of-wall installation system (which has been approved and comprehensively tested by ift Rosenheim) was tested against various comfort criteria and classified as Passive House efficiency class phB. This demonstrated that the special material characteristics of the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER not only fulfils stringent static loading requirements, but also offers outstanding energy efficiency values. It comprises a thermally insulating and load-bearing system angle made from PURATHERM which has a core providing excellent thermal insulation.


ISO-Chemie is particularly proud that its ISO-BLOCO ONE product was the first joint sealing tape to be granted the “Certified Passive House component” certificate by the Passive House Institute in the “Airtight systems / window connection” category. The Passive House certificate confirms that the multi-functional joint sealing tape offers outstanding airtightness values.


Presenting the award at BAU 2017 in Munich, Dr Benjamin Krick explained that, with its component certification, the Passive House Institute supports manufacturers in their development and marketing of highly energy-efficient products. Every Passive House-certified product thus makes an active contribution to climate protection.


The Passive House standard is characterised by very high energy savings combined with enhanced comfort compared to conventional new-builds and renovated properties. This requires the use of particularly energy-efficient components, in addition to careful and detailed planning.


As an independent body, the Passive House Institute tests and certifies products with respect to their suitability for use in passive energy houses. Products that bear the “Certified component” quality seal from the Passive House Institute have been tested against standardised criteria, have comparable characteristic values and offer excellent thermal quality.


With its certificates for Passive House components, the Passive House Institute also increases the visibility of the products’ tested thermal characteristics. These characteristic values play a significant role in ensuring that a building subsequently achieves the energy savings that were forecast using an appropriate energy balance software package, such as the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). This is a reliable design aid for architects and a quality assurance tool for project owners.


The use of Passive House-certified components such as the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER and ISO-BLOCO ONE multi-functional joint sealing tape thus makes building planning easier and significantly contributes to ensuring that a passive energy house functions perfectly in the long-term.


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