ISO-Chemie has launched a new special foil which can be plastered over with a strong adhesive and integrated plastering mesh for wall connection which is particularly suitable for the permanent airtight sealing of window and door connection joints in solid constructions. The material's humidity variable properties makes it suitable for use for both the inner and outer sealing layer.

The easy-fit window and façade connection foil can be processed quickly and easily. ISO-CONNECT VARIO FIX can be fixed to both the window frame and the reveal in one single working step thanks to a highly adhesive self-adhesive backing. This adhesive surface has been optimised for wall connection and builds up its outstanding adhesive strength completely after only 60 minutes, which means there is no need for the additional use of a construction adhesive.


Another product advantage of the foil is that the optional self-adhesive plastering mesh is extremely practical to use. Excellent adhesion to plaster is thus achieved even on difficult surfaces such as concrete, wood or brick and limestone masonry.


In addition, the humidity regulating functional mechanism makes the foil react to the different seasonal temperature gradients between indoors and outdoors and vice versa by variable adaptation of its sd value, thus achieving a high drying out effect in the joint all year round and preventing condensation damage and mould effectively. Since the versatile foil can be used both on the inside and outside, there are no more mix-ups on site resulting in building damage later on. Storage costs and effort are also reduced.


Processors, retailers and planners are on the safe side in legal terms, too, because ISO-CONNECT VARIO FIX complies with the requirements of EnEV and the RAL "Installation guide" for professional window sealing published by the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft für Fenster und Haustüren e.V. (RAL quality assurance association for windows and doors).

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