The variable-humidity window and façade sealing foil ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD is now available in the full-surface self-adhesive variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO. The revolutionary thing about the new installation-friendly special foils is that they can even be processed at sub-zero temperatures of down to -10 degrees Celsius.

Installation in winter possible
In other words, the innovative window and façade sealing films allow the straightforward installation of windows and doors even in cold weather. This is a crucial advantage, because short construction times and closely coordinated work planning require sealing solutions that reliably permit on-schedule installation even in poor weather conditions.


Lengthy outdoor exposure
Joint sealing products are often exposed to the weather for longer periods if there are delays in subsequent construction work being completed. Such longer phases of outdoor exposure of up to six months can be endured safely thanks to the optimised UV-resistance of the ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD foils. This means more safety for the installer and a high degree of installation flexibility.


Installation without installation adhesive
Thanks to the full-surface self-adhesive features of the new COMPLETE variants, there is no longer any need for an additional installation adhesive. Drying times are thus a thing of the past and the foil can be plastered over immediately. And yet the position of the COMPLETE foils can still be corrected after initial positioning, because the full adhesive strength is only developed after a few hours. If the foils should suffer mechanical damage, quick and easy self-adhesive plaster repairs can be carried out using an appropriate piece of foils. The adhesive-free processing method also rules out the risk of leaks caused by too little adhesive being applied or of plaster becoming loose due to smudges of adhesive on the foil. In addition, the risk of soiling on windows, construction elements and on the building itself is significantly minimised.


A further advantage is the guaranteed conformity with the requirements of the plastering guideline “Plastering window sealing foils” which prescribes a minimum bonding area with the surface of more than 75 %. In addition, the COMPLETE films are coated with a plaster backing fleece, the plaster bonding value of which is more than twice the value required. In other words, planners and installers alike are on the safe side with the full-surface self-adhesive variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD.


Simple and time-saving installation process
The COMPLETE foils offer optimum prerequisites for a simple and time-saving installation process. The highly elastic sealing foils fit snugly to any unevenness in the existing surface. Moreover, they have an extremely thin membrane structure which makes them ideal for subsequent covering with PVC, aluminium or wooden strips both in renovated and new buildings.


Pre-installation in the Workshop
Just like the other variants, ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO can be pre-installed in the workshop. This enables installation times to be spread out and on-site work to be planned and carried out efficiently.


Variable-humidity functional mechanism
Otherwise the COMPLETE foils have a humidity-regulating functional mechanism which results in a high drying-out effect in the window connection joint all year round This is made possible by variable adapting the sd-value to the different temperature gradients between indoors and outdoors or outdoors and indoors respectively depending on the season. Thus humidity transportation from the joint to the outside works just the same as to the room side, no matter what the weather. Condensate damage can thus be avoided effectively.


Universal film for inside and outside
In contrast to other full-surface self-adhesive films on the market, the COMPLETE variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD film can be used for both the inner and outer sealing layer. Thus only one product is necessary for two applications, which saves both time and costs. Thanks to their versatile use, purchasing and storage cost less, and there is no danger of mixing up foils for internal and external use. On-site handling is made easer and installation faults can be avoided.


Two full-surface self-adhesive variants
In order to protect the adhesive surface, the full-surface self-adhesive COMPLETE variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD have been equipped with 2 or 3-part liner. The COMPLETE DUO variant also has an adhesive strip on the back of the foil to facilitate fixing on the window frame. The foils are available in widths of 70 - 290 mm.


System safety
All in all, the EnEV-, RAL-compliant and RAL-quality tested variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO from ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD offer a high degree of system safety by combining adhesive and sealing features. With these COMPLETE foils, complaints caused by the use of too much or too little adhesive or the use of an unsuitable installation adhesive are a thing of the past. Installing companies also benefit from installation being possible in almost all weather conditions and versatile use on both the inner and outer sealing layers.


Tested quality and environmental compatibility
Distributors, installers and planners can rely on the quality of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD. The product has been awarded the RAL quality mark “Joint sealing components and systems” on account of its high-quality product features, adherence to strict environmental guidelines and its high degree of user friendliness and efficiency. In addition, it has been awarded the GEV-mark EMICODE® EC1PLUS which certifies it as “very low emission” and confirms that the product does not give off hazardous substances into the ambient air and does not represent any risk to health. To find out more about ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD.


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