November 2021


The range includes various high-quality fixings that are matched to and approved for use with our supporting frame-based in front of wall installation system.

Window and door frames are fixed mechanically into our adhesive-based in front of wall supporting frame systems, which must then be additionally screwed to the wall.


We have designed a range of ISO-TOP WF FIXINGS offering appropriate screw types of various lengths and diameters. These are suitable for all the types from the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER in front of wall installation system and all standard wall materials. The screw head geometries are ideal for high-density PUR and EPS-based in front of wall installation systems. The ISO-TOP WF SCREWS are approved both for fixing the window or door frame in the supporting frame system and for fixing to standard building substrates such as concrete, sand lime block, brick, aircrete or wood.


Additional fixing as described in the ETB directive may also be needed for floor-level components and, where very large, heavy window casements are required, it may be necessary to integrate their supplementary fixings. Different fixing components are available for the type variants of the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM.


For “TYPE 1” and “TYPE 3”, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER ALUMINIUM CONSOLES can be used at the installation stage to improve the mechanical fixing, for example in the system profile as described in the ETB directive. For the “TYPE 1”, these aluminium consoles are pushed into the fold area and for “TYPE 3” they are pushed directly into the console slots.


The ISO-TOP ETB TIE PLATE EL and ISO-TOP ETB ANCHOR BA can be used to create an ETB-compliant fixing on the inside of the window reveal either during or after installation. The ISO-TOP JUSTA ETB ANCHOR BA also has an adjusting screw for adjustment, load transfer and functional blocking.


To supplement this, the range also includes the ISO-TOP JUSTA TT BEARER PLATE for load transfer and for fixing components at the sides. This is especially useful when using multi-functional tapes such as ISO-BLOCO ONE and ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC. The ISO-TOP ADJUSTING TOOL is used for adjusting the adjusting screws for ISO-TOP JUSTA ETB ANCHOR BA and JUSTA TT BEARER PLATE; it latches mechanically to set the window position when installed.



The ISO-TOP WF FIXINGS range guarantees user-friendly, fast and reliable installation of ISO-TOP WINFRAMER IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEMS.


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