March 2019


The ISO-Chemie family of in front of wall installation system products has a new member. The new ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM was specially designed for use in fire protection facades.

E30 to EN 1366-4

The intumescent components of the new PURATHERM E30 material create an expansion effect when exposed to significant heat levels. In the event of a fire, this effectively prevents gaps being formed due to loss of material, which could allow the fire to spread. The fire resistance rating was tested to EN 1366-4 and classified as E30.


Fitting in the thermal insulation plane

As with the classic „TYPE 1”, the new E30 type variant allows window and door elements to be quickly positioned in the outer thermal insulation plane and securely fixed by mechanical means. The system comprises a thermally insulating and load-bearing system angle made from PURATHERM E30. There are also ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BOARDS E30 available for applications where the window is only partly overhanging. These can be combined with the system angles to achieve greater overhangs.


Use where special fire safety requirements are in place

The system angles and system boards are suitable for applications where special fire protection requirements are in place for the load distribution at windows and balcony and patio doors. They also provide an optimum base for correct 3-layer sealing of window connection joints using products from the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM. ISO-Chemie’s RAL quality-tested multi-functional joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE is particularly suitable for this application.


Simple to fit - saving time

The window and door elements are attached directly and mechanically to the supporting frame system. This can be done both with classic screw fixings through the window frame or using extended metal lug fixings. The in-front-of-wall installation system is then covered with an external wall insulation system.


ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BRACKETS „TYPE 1” E30 and SYSTEM BOARDS E30 are prefabricated in many different formats and can be cut to length on site using a mitre saw. As with the classic „TYPE 1”, they are attached to the masonry using ISO-TOP FLEXIBLE ADHESIVE WF combined with additional standard fixing screws.


Fitting is made even easier by the user-friendly push-fit connections. The tongue and groove design supplied as standard allows the ends of the system angles to be fitted together quickly and easily, which means they can be attached by one person working on their own.


Complies with ETB guidelines

The in front of wall installation system ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 fulfils the technical rules for use when fitting windows with safety glass.


Calculation of the four load cases & preliminary structural analysis

ISO-Chemie can help customers to calculate and draw up stress analysis reports for fixing components in and in front of the supporting façade. This is done using the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER STATIC TOOL which was developed specifically for this purpose. The tool is used to calculate the four load cases (“Self-weight dead load”, “Wind load”, “Open casement” and “Open casement with additional load”) for in-front-of-wall installation and to draw up a project-specific structural analysis. The tool can be accessed at our ISO-PORTAL (portal.iso-chemie.eu/statiktool).


10-year functional warranty

The durability and reliability of our innovative in-front-of-wall installation system are backed up by the 10-year functional warranty. The material is extremely resistant to ageing. It is resistant to decay and rotting, mould and termites. Another feature is the excellent resistance to humidity. The system remains extremely dimensionally stable, even when exposed to the weather for long periods.


With its IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 (patent pending), ISO-Chemie can now offer the perfect solution for fire protection façades.

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