News 08/2016

Mission COMPLETED - Window foil installation without adhesive

The humidity-variable window and façade sealing foils ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD and XD as well as the window foils ISO-CONNECT INSIDE FD for the inside and outside respectively are now available in the full-surface self-adhesive variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO.

Thanks to the full-surface self-adhesive features of the new COMPLETE variants, the use of an additional paste-type installation adhesive is no longer required at all for window sealing work. This does not make installation any less convenient, however, since the COMPLETE foils can still be corrected and repositioned after initial application. The new variants have been designed in such a way that their full adhesive strength only develops after a few hours.


Since adhesive is no longer applied, the risk of leaks caused by poor or patchy adhesive application is ruled out completely. Furthermore, the foil can be plastered over directly after installation and the plaster will longer flake off due to adhesive being smeared on the foil surface. In addition, the risk of soiling on windows, construction elements and on the building itself caused by residual adhesive is significantly minimised.


Another important aspect is the fact that the humidity-variable window and façade sealing foils ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD and ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD as well as ISO-CONNECT INSIDE FD guarantee conformity with the specifications of the plastering guideline “Plastering window sealing foils” which prescribes a minimum bonding area with the surface of more than 75%.


Planners and installers alike can benefit from the numerous installation advantages of the full-surface self-adhesive foil variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO, safe in the knowledge that they are fulfilling legal requirements.


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