ISO-Chemie has added supplementary system components to its ISO-TOP WINFRAMER in front of wall installation system. This expansion to the range is a move by the sealant specialists to meet the specific requirements of the market in terms of dual-wall constructions, brick facings and other installation situations that required greater reach.

The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER in front of wall installation system comprises a load-bearing system bracket which is equipped with a highly thermally insulating core. The core is connected to the system bracket by means of a hinged mechanism. This has the advantage that it can simply be folded back during installation. New elements in the range include system brackets with greater reach and system boards which can be used to achieve a greater overhang when necessary. The practical system brackets for ISO-TOP WINFRAMER are available in three different sizes.



If windows are used directly in the transition area between the wall and the external wall insulation system (EWIS), we recommend the use of the 80 mm-wide and 80 mm-high ISO TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BRACKET which is designed to fit the majority of window systems available on the market.



At 140 mm wide and 90 mm high, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BRACKET 140/90 has a greater reach. It is designed for deeper window profiles, or for use with combination products such as roller shutters etc. These additional products can be fitted within the depth of the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER so the perimeter seals are all at the same plane, producing perfect results.



The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BRACKET 200/110 has a reach of from 160 mm to a maximum of 200 mm. Lower U-Value walls, in both EWI systems and dual-wall constructions, require a larger thermal insulation area; these wider-dimensioned system brackets offer great load-bearing capacity and are ideal for securely supporting heavier weights for the long term.



The new system boards, available in thicknesses of 30/50 mm, 30/60 mm, 30/80 mm, 50/60 mm, 50/80 mm and 50/110 mm, each with a length of 1,200 mm, are a perfect addition to the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER in front of wall installation system. The boards can be used in the EWIS for installations that are partially set forward. The system brackets can also be adapted using the system boards to achieve greater overhangs.



The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER in front of wall installation system is rounded off by two additional products that perfectly complement the application. ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF makes it possible to bond the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER system components directly to mineral surfaces, and is also used to seal any linear or corner joints. The 3-layer multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE provides a perfect seal between window elements and the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER in front of wall installation system. The products from the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM range are also available for sealing joints in accordance with the technical regulations. The user can be sure of finding the right sealing solution for every requirement.


The in front of wall installation system, initially presented at fensterbau/frontale 2014, is used predominantly in buildings with external wall insulation systems (EWIS) where the windows are installed in the thermal insulation area. It is also well suited to dual-wall constructions with wide insulation layers. With the practical system BRACKETS and system BOARDS in the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER range, this system is uncomplicated, quick and safe. It is supplemented by ISO-Chemie sealing products that are perfectly matched to the application in question, so that the in front of wall installation of windows is a self-contained and highly energy-efficient process.


The constant rise in energy costs means that EWI systems which are attached to the outside of load-bearing walls are increasingly being used in new builds and renovations. This has consequences for the installation position of the window: it is moved further outward into the thermal insulation. This is because the forward location looks better and also has a positive effect on the temperature profiles in the transition points between the wall system and the window. The advantages of the in front of wall installation in the case of buildings with EWIS and large cavities are clear. This is why the increasing demand for EWIS goes hand in hand with the need for an in front of wall installation system that is flexible in adjusting to the market requirements of its users.


In addition to a high level of convenience during installation, users, retailers and planners also benefit from a high level of legal certainty with ISO-TOP WINFRAMER, because the in front of wall installation system meets the full scope of the stringent standards in the EnEV 2014, as well as other various National Energy Saving Regulations.

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