November 2020


ISO-Chemie has extended its primer range with a new environmentally-friendly version that offers outstanding adhesive strength. As the product name (ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER) suggests, this is a spray-on bonding agent.

This spray primer is based on synthetic rubber and was specially developed for preparing bonding surfaces for window connection foils, joint sealing strips and multi-functional joint sealing strips. ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER also offers excellent initial adhesion, is fast-drying, easy to use and quickly creates a secure bonding substrate. It can be used universally on surfaces such as wood, metal, rigid plastics, rubber, cork and other general construction materials.


The main advantage of ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER is that no additional tools are needed to apply it, and the economical primer can be sprayed in a thin and uniform coating. The 500 ml spray can has a very handy swivelling spray nozzle, allowing it to be used with one hand, even when working overhead. Another great feature is that this new primer contains no chlorinated or fluorinated compounds and so will not damage the ozone layer.

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