General construction



Heat retention right from the word go

The reliable sealing of building joints is a vital part of the planning of any building. Not only because it helps saves energy costs later on but also because it provides optimum protection of the building shell against humidity.



Permanently air tight whatever the weather

Extreme weather conditions and physical properties place a load on the facade area. This is why it is all the more important to use joint materials that guarantee permanent functional ability. This is where our joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO 600 has proved its worth. It reliably guarantees a positive indoor climate in terms of resistance to weather conditions, heat retention, fire protection properties and joint movement.


Permanent strength even under an extreme load

ISO-BLOCO 600 has been used successfully for years in both refurbishment work and new constructions for the reliable sealing of joints in building façades. It reliably guarantees the transportation of humidity to the outside, protects from driving rain and draughts and as a noise- and thermal-insulating effect.



Joint sealing tape with quality certificate

BG 1 certification (from ift Rosenheim) proves that the tape meets the stringent requirements of DIN 18542 in terms of resistance to driving rain, joint air permeability coefficient (a-value), UV-stability and other sealing-related key values. It is used wherever outside joints are subject to extreme influences of the weather. In addition, it supports fulfilment of the more stringent conditions stipulated in Building Energy Act (EnEV was vaild 31.10.20), thus guaranteeing more warmth and lower energy costs.


ISO-BLOCO 600 makes everything air tight again

The use of unsuitable joint materials on buildings leaves its tracks. Poor planning and execution of work on buildings both old and new is the main reason for damage caused by damp.



Mould prevention

If water penetrates the masonry or condensation forms on cold inside surfaces, the result is usually severe damage due to damp coupled with the dangerous development of mould. Damp walls also have a much poorer insulation value than dry ones, and make energy costs rise..

As soon as the first signs of leakage and humidity appear, it's high time for action.



ISO-BLOCO 600 allows condensation to escape

The certified BG 1 tape has outstanding product characteristics. Vapour diffusion allows water in the joint to escape to the outside in a controlled manner through the joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO 600. In addition, ISO-BLOCO 600 has an excellent expansion capacity and guarantees high compensation of movements and thus avoiding buildings being torn down. As well as all this, the tape provides reliable protection against driving rain with a value of over 600 Pa to cope with even extreme weather conditions.

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