energy saving thermal insulation of the joint

The combination of excellent performance with competitive cost

The ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL sealing tape is a special energy saving joint sealing product with outstanding functionality that can be used in a wide range of applications. Primarily designed as a multi-level seal for the perimeter joint between windows, doors and walls. It provides an exceptionally thermally efficient weather and air tight seal, while accommodating the constant movement between components.

The ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL is permeable to vapour diffusion according to the RAL principles of 3-level sealing and is more air tight on the inside than the out. This guarantees that the joint will dry out completely.

Product benefits
  • 3-level seal with just one product
  • energy saving thermal insulation of the joint
  • high acoustic insulation between window and wall
  • easy one step application for a reliable seal
  • significant cost advantage through time saving installation during fitting
  • can be installed in adverse weather conditions
Application Areas

The ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL is one of our range of multi-functional tapes and is specifically designed for the UK market to enhance the installation of A, A+ and A++ energy rated windows. The thermal efficiency of the tape often gives the joint between window and wall a better U-value than the window itself, saving the end user money in reduced energy bills. It is especially suitable for the secure, reliable, straightforward and time saving sealing of window and door connections. It can eliminate the need for external access during/after installation and can be applied in all weather conditions. It is a standalone product that needs no additional capping or protection against both UV and/or driving rain.

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