The successful sealant specialists have launched a highly flexible special PUR spray foam and two particularly powerful elastic sealants for sealing moving joints. ISO-TOP ELASTIFLEX, ISO-TOP ACRYL FA and ISO-TOP FACADE SEAL can be used as an alternative to the tried and tested, permanently elastic joint sealing tapes for large joint tolerances and uneven surfaces. The new system products in the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM are capable of meeting the high demands for an effective sealant or insulation that can absorb movement for the lifetime of an installation.

ISO-TOP ELASTIFLEX – the highly flexible special PUR spray foam for the functional area of connection joints

The highly elastic special PUR spray foam is roughly three times more flexible than conventional in-situ PUR foams. While comparable foams quickly cure to form rigid products that cannot accommodate relatively large movements of joints, ISO-TOP ELASTIFLEX remains permanently elastic in the functional area. This has been comprehensively proven in flexibility testing with 3 x 3,000 cycles. The risk of cracks between the structure and the foam or within the foam is minimised with ISO-TOP ELASTIFLEX. This ensures that the thermal and acoustic insulation in the functional area is retained for the long term, together with good air tightness of the connection joints.


The first special PUR spray foam in ISO-Chemie's portfolio has been designed for foam filling connection joints around the frames of windows and doors to EnEV, DIN 4108-7 and the RAL "Installation Guide" by the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Fenster und Haustüren e. V. (RAL Quality Assurance Association for Windows and External Doors). ISO-TOP ELASTIFLEX is also suited for permanent foam filling of connection joints on gables, purlins, eaves, roof beams, dormer windows and roof windows, as well as of pipe ducts for fresh air and waste air. ISO-TOP ELASTIFLEX can be worked without any trouble in all application environments down to -10 °C. Additional positive characteristics include low shrinkage and very good structural stability.


To get the most from the product, we recommend using the high-quality ISO-TOP GUN, dispensing gun. To clean the interior of the ISO-TOP GUN, use ISO-TOP CLEANEX, a cleaner developed especially for cleansing PUR spray foam guns and for removing fresh PUR residue from various metal, plastic and wooden surfaces while it is still wet, before it hardens in place.


ISO-TOP ACRYL FA – the acrylic sealant for keeping indoor and outdoor climates separate

The second new product in the pack is a high-quality, elastic, single-component siliconised premium acrylic sealant, which can be used to create diffusion-proof construction joints for indoor use in accordance with EnEV, DIN 4108-7 and the RAL "Installation Guide". ISO-TOP ACRYL FA is virtually odourless, colour-fast, and resistant to weathering and UV rays; it is also watertight once cured, and bonds very well to many materials including rigid PVC and aluminium.


Owing to its outstanding product characteristics, ISO-TOP ACRYL FA is ideally suited for the airtight sealing of internal connection joints in renovation and new-build projects to DIN 4108-7, and for sealing between window or door frames and masonry. And when it comes to conventional moving joints in buildings to

DIN 18540, joints under low stress and cracks between masonry, concrete, plaster and window sills, roller shutter housings, skirting boards and flooring, ISO-TOP ACRYL FA is an excellent and effective sealant.


Applying ISO-TOP ACRYL FA professionally is child's play with the ISO-TOP EASYPRESS metal skeleton manual lever press. Adhesion can be improved with ISO-TOP BLUE PRIMER, a fast-drying primer based on an environmentally friendly aqueous acrylate-polymer dispersion.


ISO-TOP FACADE SEAL – sealant for consistent weather protection

The second new sealant from ISO-Chemie is called ISO-TOP FACADE SEAL. This virtually odourless, sealant based on hybrid polymer is ideal for sealing moving joints on the outside of buildings owing to its colour-fastness and resistance to weathering and UV rays. In addition to being free of solvents, isocyanate and silicone, ISO-TOP FACADE SEAL's particularly beneficial properties include bonding without primer even on moist surfaces, curing blister-free and being very easy to paint over as per DIN 52542. ISO-TOP FACADE SEALis supplied in tubular bags. Application is straightforward using the aluminium tube press ISO-TOP PRESSFIX, which is ideally designed for this purpose.


Please test our products!

As is common with sealing products, the full force of all the product benefits of ISO-TOP ELASTIFLEX, ISO-TOP ACRYL FA and ISO-TOP FACADE SEAL can only be appreciated through using them. ISO-Chemie is therefore offering interested retailers and users the opportunity to order sample packs. On request, it is also possible to arrange personal product demonstrations from professionally trained ISO-Chemie sales personnel.


If you want to find out more about the many benefits of the new products before testing the product itself, you can gen up on the ISO-Chemie website. You can also find all the information about the tried and tested products in the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM at www.iso-chemie.eu.

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