May 2019


ISO-Chemie, a family-owned and managed company, has embarked upon a sustainability campaign at its head office in Aalen.

The manufacturer of energy-saving technical foams and building sealing solutions has initiated a whole package of environmental measures. These are designed to protect endangered insects, particularly bees, and to promote species conservation and biodiversity.

ISO-Chemie’s owners, Josef Deiß and Dr Martin Deiß, have declared this sustainability initiative to be a management issue and have instituted a series of measures to protect the environment. They are receiving significant support from the company’s employees who have taken on a number of environmental projects at their head office. According to Dr Martin Deiß, CEO of ISO-Chemie, “With our sustainability initiative, we are taking a series of pragmatic steps to assume responsibility at our site for a future worth living for generations to come. We are currently focussing on the protection of endangered insects.” Dr Deiß explains,
“We have created an insect hotel and wild flower meadows to provide nesting sites and a source of food for wild bees. We have also set up a hive on the green roof of our company building. Our Development Manager, who is an enthusiastic beekeeper in his spare time, has taken over responsibility for this.”

Since ISO-Chemie was established over 40 years ago, the company has been committed to responsible action with respect to people and nature. The energy-saving sealing specialist checks all the products it manufactures and methods it applies for environmental sustainability and sustainable effect.

ISO-Chemie was a very early adopter of ISO 14001 certification (the international environmental management standard). This environmental management system is based on voluntary measures implemented by the company in order to protect the environment and contribute to a continuous improvement process.

As a leading manufacturer of building sealing solutions, ISO-Chemie firmly believes that the company should continuously reduce its power consumption and minimise CO2 emissions on both production and administration sides. As Dr Deiß says, “ISO-Chemie has introduced a wide range of energy-efficient and sustainable sealing solutions onto the market. These have a positive effect on a building’s energy balance. The overall effect of our sealing products is to appreciably reduce the energy consumption of buildings and facilities.

The majority of ISO-Chemie’s sealing products have been rated as awarded the prestigious GEV environmental classification of “very low emission”. As a result, both users and clients can be sure that these products do not give off hazardous substances into the ambient air. The Aalen-based family business has also issued an environmental product declaration (EPD) for its entire range. The EPD discloses a comprehensive balance of all environmental impact associated with its production. It also provides information about the positive effects on energy consumption and thus on the environmental balance of buildings.


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