Press release 04/2017


The first energy crisis in the mid-70s was the backdrop against which ISO-Chemie was established back in 1977. The company produces and sells energy-efficient and sustainable building sealing solutions.

Some of these innovative sealing products were developed for insulating buildings, and this gave the company’s founder - Josef Deiß - the inspiration for its name. “Looking back today, it was a game-changing decision to produce soft foams for sealing building shells while also saving energy,” says his son, Dr. Martin J. Deiß.


In 1983, the foundations were laid at the current location in Röntgenstraße, Aalen, for a head office with production facility and administration building. These have been gradually extended over the years.


In 2002, ISO-Chemie took the opportunity to take over the sealing technology division of Salamander Industrie Produkte GmbH and integrate it into the Aalen site. This enabled the company to further build upon its market position and achieve considerable synergy.


ISO-Chemie has high-tech production facilities with friendly offices and a modern training centre. “Here we run our building sealing training courses and seminars for customers and employees,” explains Managing Director, Dr. Martin J. Deiß.


Today ISO-Chemie has its own sales offices and logistic centres in several European countries including France, UK, Italy, Poland, the Balkans and Scandinavia and is represented by partner companies on the international markets in many other countries too. Many customers all over the world put their trust in the company's innovative products.


Alongside the building sealants division, the technical foams segment also plays an important role in the company's business focus. When asked about the company’s vision for the future, Dr. Martin J. Deiß responded, “We are committed to developing new ideas and solutions and identifying potential innovations.”


Ever since the company was founded it has concentrated on the development of energy-efficient and sustainable sealing solutions, particularly in the field of building sealing. The topics of saving energy and sustainability are more relevant today than ever. This has led to the launch of a series of environmentally friendly products for sealing in window, facade, metal and wood constructions and for fire protection and thermal insulation composite systems, all of which contribute to reducing the energy consumption on our blue planet.


To implement its innovative products, ISO-Chemie combines the latest manufacturing techniques, visionary thinking and many years of sealing technology expertise. ISO-Chemie’s development department also works hard to keep one step ahead of the market’s requirements at all times. This endeavour is impressively demonstrated by the many patents that the company has registered over the years.


Inventiveness and expertise are therefore two characteristics that Josef Deiß and Dr. Martin J. Deiß particularly value in their employees. “Our people are our greatest potential.” This is a sentiment that has the wholehearted agreement of both managing directors. For this reason, they feel it is essential to offer continuous professional development and a modern working environment.


ISO-Chemie is also very conscious of its responsibility to the environment. The concept of sustainability has been one of the company’s guiding principles throughout its history. “We are committed to acting responsibly and respectfully towards our environment, which is why we use energy- and resource-saving production methods and make sure that our materials are both healthy and recyclable. For example, we only work with CFC-free and climate-neutral foams that conform to the latest environmental regulations,” say the two managing directors.


And the primary emphasis is on the quality of the products. As a company certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, ISO-Chemie is facing up to its responsibility for a future worth living – completely in line with its corporate strapline


„Use the blue technology“

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