March 2024


Our stand at Fensterbau Frontale 2024 focussed strongly on the ease of installation of our sealing products and their considerable flexibility in use. With these products, as air tight joint specialist is we meet the growing requirements for building sealing to improve energy efficiency.

ISO-TOP BASE substructure profile with modular insertion system for customising the height

“Given the current shortage of skilled labour, practical, uncomplicated, time-saving and thus cost-optimised installation solutions are essential. So this is where we concentrated our efforts when developing our products,” stresses Inge Knorn, marketing manager at ISO-Chemie.

The many visitors to our stand discovered the latest innovations in terms of modular construction, in-front-of-wall installation, multi-functional tapes, substructure profiles and window and facade connection foils.

ISO-TOP BASE substructure profile for floor-level components

Among other innovations, we presented our new range of substructure profiles at the exhibition. ISO-TOP BASE was developed for installing and sealing floor-level components. With its variable installation height, this thermally insulating and flexible substructure profile is ideal for creating a thermally optimised supporting structure. The compression-resistant and high-density THERMAPOR material (manufactured from flame-retardant EPS-F) also makes ISO-TOP BASE especially suitable for use beneath large and heavy windows, doors and lift-and-slide door elements made from wood, wood-aluminium, aluminium and PVC on the slab. The floor recess system profile is available for all standard profile systems and can be custom-fitted to the specific structural joint.

ISO-TOP BASE PREFAB for time-saving and cost-optimised prefabrication at the factory

We also presented a prefabricated variant of the ISO-TOP BASE version. Prefabricated system elements which are fully ready to install allows installation on site to be sped up for easier planning. The project-specific, prefabricated profiles can be produced at ISO-Chemie with the desired connection profile and to the required installation height and length; for delivery with a precision fit. ISO-TOP BASE PREFAB, eliminates work such as bonding profiles to produce height or length, cutting to size and the disposal of offcuts and sawing waste.

ISO-TOP BASE HS – substructure profile for lift-and-slide doors

ISO-TOP BASE HS – substructure profile specially designed for lift-and-slide doors

For thermally optimised substructure, especially for lift and slide elements, we also launched the ISO-TOP BASE HS substructure profile. ISO-TOP BASE HS can be individually adapted to the specific construction site requirements. This substructure profile is produced at ISO-Chemie to fit the specific profile and width of the floor threshold used. The innovative profile-specific 4-sided tongue and groove system ensures the none-slip fixing of the threshold on the substructure profile and can be fitted continuously without wastage. This saves valuable time on site, prevents installation delays and so allows cost-efficient processing and calculations.

ISO-CONNECT VARIOFLEX SD+ – the clever combination of Mono and Duo variants

Convertible window connection foil (from COMPLETE to COMPLETE DUO)

ISO-CONNECT VARIOFLEX SD+ window connection foil for creating air tight and windproof seals at connection joints also generated a lot of interest on our exhibition stand. This foil, which can be used for both internal and external applications, is incredibly adaptable as it can be converted from COMPLETE to COMPLETE DUO. When the pleat is closed, the stretchable foil is used as a fully self-adhesive COMPLETE foil with an adhesive tape applied on one side. Opening the pleat allows the COMPLETE DUO foil with self-adhesive strips on alternating sides. The same foil can thus be used for all sealing applications between window frame and building structure.

FLEECE & COMPLETE – new EPDM band finishes

New finishes of our ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE EPDM window and facade connection band were also introduced at the exhibition. This EPDM band is now available as a COMPLETE finish with full surface adhesive film for quick and easy installation. A FLEECE finish with a fleece coating offers further advantages; for example it can be plastered, painted and covered over. We also offer a combined FLEECE COMPLETE finish. All of these finishes can be supplied with an additional butyl adhesive strip to aid installation.

ISO-BLOCO MULTITEC “TIMBER EDITION” hybrid multi-functional tape

Multi-functional tape with hybrid technology for air tight joints in timber constructions

The ISO-BLOCO MULTITEC “TIMBER EDITION” multi-functional tape was of particular interest for the timber construction trade. It is ideal for sealing joints in prefabricated timber construction, timber frame house building, when extending roof space in the gable and dormer area and when creating air tightness in log houses.

ISO-BLOCO MULTITEC “TIMBER EDITION”” is equipped with the modern hybrid technology developed by ISO-Chemie and is part of the new generation of sealing tapes. This hybrid combination of flexible, impregnated foam and an air tight, moisture-regulating foil membrane layer allows reliable and cost-effective joint sealing in timber structures. A key aspect is that the barrier membrane reliably prevents driving rain penetrating through the joint. At the same time, joint tolerances and the movements caused when timber structures expand and shrink are reliably and permanently compensated.


With our numerous innovations, we once again remain true to our guiding principle of offering “the next generation of building sealing” anchored in our sustainable BAUFUGE 4.0 concept.

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