February 2022


ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC – our innovative multi-functional joint sealing tape – was awarded the coveted Gold Medal in a product competition at the Polish trade fair BUDMA.

Panel of experts award the Gold Medal

The Gold Medal is awarded by a panel of well-known experts and representatives of various economic sectors to products that stand out on the international market in terms of their quality, technology or use value. The 500 products were assessed according to a wide range of criteria, including the modernity of the products and their innovation potential compared to the approaches adopted by similar products. They also examined factors such as cost-effectiveness, aesthetics and functionality, along with the environmental effects of production and disposal.


Future-facing with hybrid technology

ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC multi-functional tape, with its revolutionary hybrid technology, was convincing as a future-facing solution in the field of building sealing and so secured first place among the gold medal competitors.


Presentation of the Gold Medal at the ISO-Chemie booth

The innovative multi-functional tape 4.0 is equipped with an integrated foil firewall. This combines the excellent impermeability to air and driving rain of window connection foils with the reliable flexibility, considerable expansion force and significant long-term capacity to absorb movements of pre-compressed PUR flexible foam.


ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC combines the quality features of premium window connection foils with the benefits of high-quality MF1-certified multi-functional joint sealing tapes. ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC stands out from conventional multi-functional joint sealing tapes with its exceptional functional characteristics.


Outstanding performance

With an a-value of 0.00 m3/[h·m·(daPa)n], ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC is 100 % airtight on the inside, effectively eliminating the issue of uncontrolled convection heat losses and draughts. In the functional area, the tape has high acoustic and thermal insulation values while, in the weather protection layer, the resistance to driving rain (1,050 Pa) is greatly above average. By integrating multiple barrier layers (foil firewalls), ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC conforms to the RAL principle of “inside tighter than outside”. This guarantees optimum moisture transport.


Planners, installers and building owners will be on the safe side if they use the unique hybrid technology of ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC! We provide a 10-year functional warranty for the MF1-certified multi-functional joint sealing tape.


The multi-functional tape with its revolutionary hybrid technology ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC

Ease of installation and excellent functional reliability

ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC can be installed easily, quickly and safely. The pre-compressed tape made from impregnated PUR flexible foam is self-adhesive on one side for ease of installation. The tape is glued to the window frame in a single step. This can reduce the time required to less than ¼ compared to conventional window fitting with foils.


The multi-functional joint sealing tape’s excellent expansion capacity is also worth a look. It permanently and reliably smooths over uneven joints and absorbs movements. The exceptional range of joint applications enables joints from 6 – 40 mm wide to be reliably sealed with just a single tape dimension. The product is available in tape widths from 30 – 100 mm to suit the window construction depth.


With the trail-blazing ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC hybrid technology, we have made the leap to multi-functional tape 4.0 and have already applied for patent protection for our innovative new development.



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