The RAL Quality Assurance Association for “Joint-Sealing components and systems” has distinguished the fourth product made by the company ISO-Chemie. Thereby, the sealing-system specialist is continuing its story of success in the field of energy efficient building sealing.


The RAL Quality Mark for “Joint-Sealing components and systems” stands for reliability, quality and standardised installation procedures. Architects, planners and processors appreciate the products certified by the RAL Quality Assurance Association as these meet the applicable regulations for carrying out window sealing requirements. In addition, the RAL window installation principles defines a certain installation standard that must be adhered to. Due to the growing number of and continuously increasing requirements in the field of building sealing, the demand for certified products is growing in any case.


In order to receive the highly sought-after RAL Quality Mark, the ISO-BLOCO MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TAPE has to pass a driving rain test. During the test, no penetration of water or moisture should be ascertainable at a pressure of up to 600 Pa. At the same time, a test is performed for determining if any permeating moisture results in a reduction of thermal insulation properties. Another test examines if the multifunctional tape adheres to the required air permeability values, allowing a maximum of 0.1 m³/(h*m*(daPan) to pass through the tape. ISO-BLOCO MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TAPE past all three test with flying colours. Another requirement in awarding the RAL Quality Mark entails the water vapour diffusion resistance properties, according to the principle “inside tighter than outside”, as well as the UV resistance and durability of the products. The B1 join-sealing tape also fulfils these requirements as well as fire protection standards. In addition, it is ecologically harmless in its use since it is both free of emissions and solvents. The incorporation of air and driving rain tightness in combination with the water vapour diffusion resistance properties make it possible for all functional levels to be sealed using a single product. This saves time and costs since additional sealing by means of foils and other materials is not required.


In order to be able to guarantee the reliability and the quality of the high-grade products at all times, ISO-Chemie subjects its sealing products to regular testing. In addition to continuous internal checking and random tests, independent auditors ensure the adherence to quality and testing regulations.


Within the scope of these regulations, the RAL Quality Assurance Association for “Joint-Sealing components and systems” also ensures that the manufacturer must prove the sustainability of its products either by means of an environmental product declaration (EPD) or by means of an ISO certification. ISO-Chemie has both certificates. On the one hand, as the first manufacturer worldwide of sealing tapes made of polyurethane and polyethylene, the company has acquired an environmental product declaration that, in addition to quantified environment-related information, also provides information on the energy efficiency of multi-functional joint-sealing tape. On the other hand, with the ISO 14001 certification, the sealing specialist fulfils the requirements of an environmental management system that is recognised at a worldwide level.


In particular, awarding the RAL Quality Seal for the ISO-BLOCO MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TAPE distinguishes the high-quality and transparent work of the products of ISO-Chemie, as well as quality that is constant over the long term.


In addition to ISO-BLOCO MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TAPE, three other sealing products by ISO-Chemie carry the RAL Quality Seal for “Joint-Sealing components and systems”. ISO-BLOCO ONE, together with the window and facade sealing films ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD, and ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD have all passed this standard, allowing architects, planners and processing companies to call upon a reliable and high-quality product range.

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