News 07/2016

ISO-BLOCO ONE - Hot summer, cool installation

Particularly in the summer and at high temperatures, our multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE stands out due to its slow expansion behaviour, thus positively distinguishing itself from multi-function joint sealing tapes from other manufacturers.

In the summer, many installers complain about the fast expansion times of joint sealing tapes – not when they use our multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE. Thanks to the special installation-friendly expansion behaviour, you won’t get into a sweat even at high temperatures. There is always enough time and space for the setting, adjustment and fixing of even large elements. Because unlike many other products on the market, ISO-BLOCO ONE expands slowly in the summer, too, thus creating a decisive joint sealing advantage.


ISO-BLOCO ONE is an “all-in-one tape” that combines all the requirements of EnEV- and RAL-conform fitting in a single product. This makes it particularly suitable for the reliable, straightforward and time-saving sealing of window and door connections. The intelligent joint sealing tape works according to the 3-level principle of the RAL “installation guide”.



On the inside the tape has a revolutionary low a-value of practically zero, making it 100% airtight and vapour-resistant – an aspect that is particularly important in passive energy houses.
     The middle layer has a thermal and sound insulating effect.
     On the outside, the BG 1 and BG R-tested multi-function joint sealing tape guarantees above-average resistance to driving rain with more than 1,000 Pa.


Compared with other multi-function joint sealing tapes, ISO-BLOCO ONE also stands out thanks to its extremely favourable sd-value gradient of 50:1. Such a large vapour diffusion gradient permits efficient transportation  of humidity to the outside and faster drying of the joints, in line with the “inside tighter than outside” principle of the “Installation guide for the installation of windows and doors” published by the the RAL quality association “Joint sealing components and systems”.


Overall, these outstanding product characteristics make the energy-efficient multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE second to none on the market, and completely justifies the passive energy house certificate.


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