July 2018


Our ISO-Chemie ADVICE SERVICE is made up of highly trained team members who will support you through the process of planning and implementing your construction projects. Take advantage of this service to overcome all the challenges associated with creating a top class building seal.

If your site is already at the construction stage and you find that unplanned changes or improvements are needed, contact our ISO-Chemie ADVICE SERVICE. Our experts are there to advise you, even when you are out on site.


With the ADVICE SERVICE we will support you in meetings with planners and architects so you can be sure that products will be installed correctly. We can also recommend appropriate air-tight sealing sealing products.


Our advisers can provide you with the technical documentation you will need to plan structural joint details or create individual one-off solutions. You can rely on our knowledgeable development advice.


Our experts will also help you to calculate and draw up stress analysis reports for fixing components in and in front of the supporting facade. Simply contact the ISO-Chemie ADVICE SERVICE.


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