July 2021


With these special foils trimmed for maximum bonding power you can reliably seal connection joints in windows, doors and panels.

Even significant component movements can be permanently compensated with these extremely stretchy yet highly tear-resistant window connection foils. At the same time, adhesion to the substrate is guaranteed by the maximised bonding power. These flexible foils are made from an adaptable soft polymer fleece which can easily be plastered, painted or bonded over.


Extreme self-adhesive power over entire surface makes installation easier

Window installation with ISO-CONNECT INSIDE and OUTSIDE CL is a very quick and easy process. The new foils are self-adhesive over the entire surface on one side with a split liner. This uninterrupted self-adhesive surface allows the window foils to be easily fixed to the frame profile and masonry without the need for a separate fixing adhesive. Simply remove the backing paper from the self-adhesive strip then apply the foil, press down hard and roll with a roller. That’s all there is to it! The extreme adhesive power sticks the foils to almost any substrate, even without the use of a primer.


Pre-fitting in the workshop

To aid installation, the inner foil on the fleece side also has a self-adhesive strip. This allows the foil to be fixed directly to the window frame and pre-fitted in the workshop. The material properties offer another benefit during installation; the sealing foil’s very low inherent rigidity allow it to be applied easily and precisely, even on angled structures.



Long-lasting outdoor weathering resistance & high resistance to driving rain

ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE CL is used as weather protection on the building’s outer shell. This fleece foil offers outstanding resistance to driving rain (1,050 Pa) and is impermeable to water. The material is permeable to vapour diffusion, allowing moisture to be transported from the joint to the outside and keeping the joint dry. This outdoor foil also offers UV stability of up to one year over a very long period exposed to weathering. This reduces the risk of having to carry out remedial work if joints are exposed to the effects of the weather for long periods during the construction phase. In addition to the usual tests on outdoor foils for windows and doors, this foil also successfully withstood the water-tightness test at 2,000 Pa or 200 mm water column.


Low a-values – important for the blower door test

ISO-CONNECT INSIDE CL is used inside buildings to create airtight and windproof seals for window connection joints. The material creates a vapour barrier which reliably separates the interior climate from the exterior. The foil’s excellent airtightness and associated low a-value ensures a very low n50 number (the air renewal rate), especially in buildings that require a blower door test.


The sd-values of the two foils are matched and very well-balanced which creates a good drying effect in the joint conforming to the “inside tighter than outside” principle. Both sealing products are available on 30-metre rolls in widths from 70 – 350 mm.


Guarantee of GEG and standard-compliant foils

These window connection foils meet the requirements of the German Building Energy Act (GEG) and the RAL window installation guidelines. As an additional guarantee we offer a functional 10-year warranty as a sign of our high product quality. The physical and technical properties of ISO-CONNECT INSIDE and OUTSIDE CL conform to the international specifications of the SIA and ÖNORM B5320, as well as the moisture-related parts of DIN 4108.



We offer designers, architects and installers professional support at the detailed planning and installation stages from our team of expert “ISO CONSTRUCTION ADVISERS”. The service includes site surveys, material recommendations and on-site instruction.


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