April 2024


ISO-TOP BASE – our flexible supporting profile for floor-level components – was awarded the coveted Gold Medal in the product competition at Polish trade fair BUDMA. The product for installing and sealing floor-level windows, doors and lift-and-slide doors was presented to trade visitors on the sealing specialist’s exhibition stand.

Awarding the Gold Medal at BUDMA 2024

Panel of experts awards the Gold Medal

The Gold Medal represents an especially high innovation potential and is awarded by a panel of renowned construction industry experts and representatives. The medal-winning products stand out in particular through their quality, technology and utility value. Around 500 products were submitted and assessed according to a wide range of criteria, including the innovation potential of the products and their modernity compared to the approaches adopted by similar products. The panel of experts also examined factors such as cost-effectiveness, aesthetics and functionality, along with the environmental effects.

Functionality and flexibility during installation

ISO-TOP BASE stood out especially due to the reliable substructure it provides for large and heavy components. The compression-resistant and high-density THERMAPOR material is manufactured from flame-retardant EPS-F. It is thus especially suitable for use beneath large and heavy windows, doors and lift-and-slide door elements made from wood, aluminium-clad wood, aluminium and plastic on the concrete slab. The supporting profile also has an extremely long service life as it is both resistant to decay and non-rotting.

ISO-TOP BASE flexible supporting profile wins Gold Medal

Connection system simplifies height adjustments

The modular connection system demonstrates its superb flexibility when making individual height adjustments; it also allows the right profile to be created for bonding to the frame. The floor recess system profile is available for all standard profile systems and can be custom-fitted to the specific structural joint.

Certified for passive house use and awarded EC1PLUS

As a manufacturer of energy-efficient and sustainable sealing solutions it is particularly important to us to continually improve the environmental impact of our own products. Due to its special material properties, ISO-TOP BASE was awarded the EMICODE® EC1PLUS seal by the Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials e.V. (GEV) as “very low-emission”. Users and clients can also be sure that this product does not give off hazardous substances into the ambient air and so does not represent any risk to health. The product was also was recognised as a “Certified Component” by Dr. Feist Darmstadt of the Passivhaus Institute. This means that it is now officially approved for use in passive energy houses.

Further innovative product solutions for energy-efficient window sealing

In addition to the supporting profile, we also presented the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 3” at BUDMA 2024. This is made from thermally insulating, high-density THERMAPOR material and impressed with its high load-bearing capacity and load transfer. This Passivhaus-certified and RC2 and RC3 tested system was itself awarded the Gold Medal in 2023. The in front of wall installation system can be customised to fit a wide range of building situations.

Of particular interest for designers and installers were the individually adaptable ISO-TOP CONSTRUCTION SHEETS WF3. These construction sheets made from high-density THERMAPOR can be customized and adapted as required to create installation and sealing details. They can be sawed, drilled or cut to size and shape to suit the specific needs on site.

Multi-functional tape with hybrid technology

ISO-BLOCO MULTITEC was presented as an addition to the range of multi-functional tapes featuring hybrid technology. This combination of flexible, impregnated PU foam and an integral air tight, moisture-regulating foil membrane layer allows reliable and cost-effective joint sealing conforming to the “inside tighter than outside” principle. Even when subject to extreme climate changes, this MF1-tested multi-functional tape offers excellent compensation for component movements thanks to its capacity to continuously absorb movement; it thus reliably prevents convection heat losses.

The ISO-Chemie stand was very popular with visitors to BUDMA 2024. With the flexible sealing solutions and other new products from the field of window and facade connection foils, there was something there for almost every connection situation.

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