ISO-Chemie presented the system extension for the in front of wall installation ISO-TOP WINFRAMER for the first time at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016 trade fair. The new “TYPE 2” offers you even more flexibility for the installation and sealing of window and door elements in buildings with thermal insulation composite systems. The innovative in front of wall installation solution is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized windows and doors up to a maximum size of 2 m² which are installed in the insulation level, in front of the load-bearing wall of buildings.

The system components

ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 2” is made up of different system components. Attachment consoles comprising a special aluminium bracket combination are provided to fix the windows in place. Insulating profiles are available for overhangs of 80 to 140 mm. To achieve overhangs of 140 mm, there are spacer plates available which are installed underneath the attachment consoles. System brackets, the load-bearing capacity of which has been proven during comprehensive testing by ift Rosenheim, are provided for load transfer at the lower window connection. The insulating profiles are glued airtight to the masonry using the permanently elastic system adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF, which is also used to seal material joints and corner connections.


Combination of conventional console installation and in front of wall installation frames

The new “TYPE 2” forms an ideal link between conventional console installation and in front of wall installation frames. Yet installation is very quick and easy. In the first step the system bracket, which takes over the load-bearing function, is installed at the lower connection. The system bracket is glued to the masonry using the system adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF, a 1-component hybrid polymer adhesive, and then screwed in placed in addition. Next, the certified aluminium attachment consoles are fastened to the masonry at the side and top by means of approved, façade screws. The number of attachment points depends on the window to be installed and the loads to be absorbed in each particular case. Then the insulating profiles made of high-compressed XPS polystyrene are fitted tightly over the attachment consoles. These ensure that the individual attachment points are completely covered and thus optimise the Ψ-value in terms of thermal insulation. The insulating profiles are also glued to the masonry using the ISO-TOP FLEX ADHESIVE WF system adhesive. The frame around the edge of the whole window opening results in a thermally decoupled and airtight installation plane for window installation and sealing. In comparison with the tried-and-trusted. TYPE 1, TYPE 2 is different due to the concentration of wind pressure and suction loads at the side because of the attachment consoles.


Benefits of the Dovetail Installation Connection

The insulating profiles are delivered in lengths of 1,200 mm. They can be adapted individually to the window opening on site. The insulating profiles have a dovetail connection at the ends, allowing several rods to be connected quickly and easily and then installed on the outer wall. Another advantage is that cut-offs can still be used, saving on material. This practical installation aid makes handling much easier and provides for a clean and technically perfect connection to the masonry wall.


Optimum integration in thermal insulation composite systems

The mechanical attachment of the window or door elements takes place directly in the statically tested attachment consoles. Following window installation, the in front of wall system, which is compliant with EnEV requirements, is covered directly with a thermal insulation composite system and thus integrated in this.






Combination options

Depending on the installation situation, the system components of the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 2” can be combined with one another. Where heavy window blind boxes are in place, for example, the system bracket can be used at the bottom and top connection, while the insulating profiles with attachment consoles are only used at the side. The conventional ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 1” can however also be combined easily with the new “TYPE 2”. If, for example, burglar resistance is required for the ground floor of a single-family home, “TYPE 1” can be used there, while “TYPE 2” could be used on the upper floors of the building for medium-sized windows. Thus technical and economic aspects can be matched perfectly.


Reliable 3-level sealing

With the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 2” the professional 3-level sealing of window connections in accordance with the RAL “Installation guide” is both straightforward and reliable. The ISO³ WINDOW SEAL SYSTEM from ISO-Chemie offers various window connection foils, PUR foams and sealants as well as permanently elastic, impregnated PUR joint sealing tapes for this purpose. Multi-function joint sealing tapes such as ISO-BLOCO ONE are particularly suitable, since they combine the three functional levels air-tightness, sound and thermal insulation as well as protection from the weather in one product.


The system extension thus provides installers, designers and architects with two different types of the in front of wall installation system ISO-TOP WINFRAMER for individual installation solutions in future.

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