February 2023

ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” awarded Gold Medal at BUDMA

ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3”, the innovative IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM, was awarded the coveted Gold Medal in a product competition at the Polish trade fair BUDMA. The product and its benefits were presented along with other innovations at the award ceremony and on the ISO-Chemie exhibition stand.

Panel of experts award the Gold Medal

Gold Medal award ceremony at BUDMA 2023

The Gold Medal is awarded by a panel of well-known experts and representatives of various economic sectors to products that stand out on the international market in terms of their quality, technology or use value. Around 500 products were assessed according to a wide range of criteria, including the innovation potential of the products and their modernity compared to the approaches adopted by similar products. They also examined factors such as cost-effectiveness, aesthetics and functionality, along with the environmental effects of production and disposal.


In front of wall installation systems as the energy-efficient solution of the future

Thermal insulation composite systems (TICS), which are attached to the outside of load-bearing walls, are increasingly being used in new builds and renovations due to constantly rising energy costs. This new location allows more light into the rooms and the building’s energy balance is improved by the resulting available solar gain. ISO‑Chemie has developed a flexible in front of wall installation system that is tailored to a wide range of building situations.



ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” awarded Gold Medal

The Passive House-certified and RC 2 and RC 3-tested IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” stood out with its combined high load-bearing capacity and load transfer and thus secured first place among the Gold Medal contenders. The „TYPE 3” is made up of load-bearing, thermally insulating system profiles made of high-compressed THERMAPOR. The excellent thermal conductivity of the moulded parts guarantees perfect integration in the EWIS and optimum Ψ-values (Psi). Thus thermal bridges are optimised and a high degree of insulation achieved in the cavity area. This prevents the risk of mould formation in the connection area around the window opening. The „TYPE 3“ provides a high load-bearing capability and load transfer in one. The high density of 150 kg/m3 not only provides a very good load-bearing capacity for bearing window weights, it is also sturdy enough to transfer all other loads safely to the masonry.



For installing window systems in front of the load-bearing wall and for perfect integration into the thermal insulation composite system or in 2-wall constructions, ISO-Chemie has added ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES in various dimensions to the range. The very high material density (150 kg/m³) and excellent properties in terms of supported load and thermal insulation make the system profiles perfect for installing in front of the wall in both single and multiple occupancy buildings and in commercial construction. To meet increased load-bearing requirements, the profiles can be further reinforced with aluminum consoles. And to guarantee the connection between system profiles and thermal insulation composite system, ISO-Chemie has added suitable insulating bars to the range.



The construction sheets made of high-density THERMAPOR offer the possibility of individual, constructive adaptation for assembly and sealing details on the EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER. They can be cut to size and geometry, to individual requirements, on the construction site.


Further innovative product solutions for energy-efficient window sealing

At BUDMA, ISO-Chemie also presented the ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC multi-functional tape, which was awarded the Gold Medal in 2022. This innovative hybrid technology combines the excellent impermeability to air and driving rain of window connection foils with the reliable flexibility, considerable expansion force and significant long-term capacity to absorb movements of pre-compressed PUR flexible foam.


The new ISO-CONNECT INSIDE and OUTSIDE CL window connection foils were another highlight. These extremely stretchy yet highly tear-resistant window connection foils are able to permanently compensate for even significant component movements.  At the same time, adhesion to the substrate is guaranteed by the maximized bonding power.


Under the banner of „Blue is the new green”, ISO-Chemie also presented its environment and climate-friendly ISO-CONNECT INSIDE and OUTSIDE „BLUE LINE“ window connection foils. Both window foils are made from renewable raw ingredients and are resistant to driving rain, impermeable to water, airtight and windproof and are highly stretchable.


ISO-Chemie also presented ISO-TOP THERMFOAM „BLUE LINE” with its new low-monomer recipe – the new 1-component polyurethane expanding foam for a healthy living environment. With its very low free isocyanate content, this polyurethane foam is especially healthy to use and can also be used without training after 24.08.2023.


The ISO-Chemie stand was very popular with visitors to the BUDMA 2023 trade fair. The sealing specialist had its finger on the pulse with in front of wall installation innovations and other new products such as multi-functional sealing tapes and connection foils.


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