March 2018


New IN-FRONT-OF-WALL Solutions and Services at the ISO-PORTAL

The entire stand focussed on ISO-Chemie’s forward-looking concept, BAUFUGE 4.0. In addition to various product innovations for sealing window and door elements, particular highlights were the many new ideas for the various types from the in-front-of-wall installation system. ISO-Chemie has also been working in the online field; portal users now have access to further web services such as online ordering, video downloads or cost saving calculations.


Innovative sealing collars eliminate complicated application methods and possible leaks!


Fensterbau Frontale was the venue for ISO-Chemie’s first presentation of the new ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR. This elastomer sealing system was specially developed for external sealing of window and door elements that are installed in front of the load-bearing wall with metal angles. It is thus excellent as an in-front-of-wall sealing system in construction projects.


Installation times up to 6 times faster than with foil strips

The practical sealing collars can save lots of time and money during in-front-of-wall installation with metal angles. The easy to apply ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR can be fitted up to 6 times faster compared to conventional sealing systems such as foil strips. The cost saving for specific projects can be calculated at the ISO-PORTAL.


The sealing collar, which is made from highly flexible EPDM, is individually tailored to size for the specific external window or door dimensions. This really makes fitters’ work easier as it can be installed and then fixed to the wall without issues and extremely speedily. As soon as the window or door element is fully fitted, the custom-fit collar is simply stretched over the window frame and fixed to the masonry.


There are different versions available to suit the installation location. All variants are available as a 3-sided or 4-sided closed system, with or without front flaps. For the standard version, which is not self-adhesive, ISO-Chemie supplies its ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE XP as an accessory. Alternatively, the ISO-CONNECT SEALING COLLAR is also available with butyl adhesive strips or matching beading for PVC and aluminium elements.


The material properties of the DIN-compliant sealing strip system reliably absorb joint movements. The sealing collars are made from highly flexible EPDM, are extremely stretchable and offer long-term capacity to absorb movements. They are also highly resistant to extremes of temperature and weather. These are decisive factors that will ensure that the seal remains effective in the long term.


To supplement the sealing collar, ISO-Chemie also supplies moulded EPDM sealing corners for various connection areas on buildings. These can be used for in-front-of-wall elements, for the lower connection area, on floor-level elements and balcony doors and patio door systems. Both internal and external corners are available. The material thicknesses and properties are matched to those of the ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR.


With this latest product innovation, ISO-Chemie has created a further sealing method for in-front-of-wall installation of window and door elements in the insulation; it conforms to EnEV requirements and the recommendations of the RAL installation guide. When combined with the four type variants of the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER in-front-of-wall installation system, the new ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLARS and SEALING CORNERS offer the right solution for almost every installation situation.


Official presentation of “Certified Passivhaus Component” certificate for “TYPE 3” of the in-front-of-wall installation system

The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 3” in front of wall installation system was recognised as a “CERTIFIED COMPONENT” by the Passivhaus Institute, this means that it is now approved for the installation of window elements in front of the wall in passive energy houses. The official presentation was made on the ISO-Chemie stand on the second day of the trade show. It was awarded by Dr Benjamin Krick, Chair of the Component Certification working group at the Passivhaus Institute.


New dimensions make ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 3” in front of wall installation system even more flexible

In time for the exhibition, ISO-Chemie added new dimensions to its in-front-of-wall installation system for large window elements (approved and comprehensively tested by the IMA Dresden). The new 160/80 and 180/80 system profiles are suitable for construction applications that require larger projections. They are therefore suitable for deeper window profiles, thicker thermal insulation composite systems, buildings with cavity wall systems and brick facades or for use in combination with windows with roller shutters.


ISO-Chemie’s now Passivhaus-certified ISO-TOP WINFRAMER “TYPE 3” in-front-of-wall installation system consists of load-bearing, thermally-insulating system profiles made from high-density THERMAPOR. They are perfect for installing window systems directly in front of the supporting wall. The excellent thermal conductivity properties of the moulded parts ensure that they integrate perfectly into the thermal insulation composite system and offer optimum PSI values. This enables thermal bridges to be optimised and excellent insulation values to be achieved in the window reveal. This in turn prevents the risk of mould developing in the connection area around the window opening.


Custom production offers maximum flexibility for in-front-of-wall installation

ISO-Chemie has added the “TYPE 1” PREFAB to its range; this is custom-fabricated at the factory for specific projects, enabling customers to optimise both time and costs. At the start of the exhibition, ISO-Chemie revealed that the PURATHERM-based system angles can now be produced individually, either cut to length for specific construction projects or to suit individual projection dimensions. This flexible sizing enables the in-front-of-wall installation system to be matched perfectly to the project-specific construction situation.


With “TYPE 1” PREFAB, fitters benefit in particular from the supply of custom-fabricated project lengths. Builders can thus prefabricate on their own premises complete casings for the various window openings in a construction project. The associated window frames can be prefitted directly into the prefabricated casings using an RAL-compliant sealing system greatly reducing installation times on site.


Calculation of the four load cases & preliminary structural analysis

ISO-Chemie can help customers to calculate and draw up reports for the stress analysis for fixing components in and in front of the supporting facade. This is done using the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER STATIC TOOL which was developed in collaboration with Professor B. Eierle from the Rosenheim Technical College. The tool is used to calculate the four load cases (“Self-weight dead load”, “Wind load”, “Open casement” and “Open casement with additional load”) for in-front-of-wall installation and to draw up a project-specific preliminary structural analysis report. Customers will find a calculation request form with detailed questions at the ISO-PORTAL.


Highly elastic sealants for inside and outside

ISO-Chemie also introduced two highly elastic sealants for internal and external applications at Fensterbau Frontale. ISO-TOP ACRYLSEAL F is a high-quality, resilient and flexible single-component sealant based on an acrylate dispersion. It conforms to DIN EN ISO 11600. It can be used to produce air tight seals for internal connection joints. The low modulus sealant is highly impermeable to water vapour and can be used universally on many common substrates. Once it is fully cured, it can be painted over very well (as defined in DIN 52452). It can also be plastered and papered over well. The product has also been rated "very low emission" as demonstrated by the GEV EMICODE® “EC1 PLUS” label. This premium classification by the Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe, Klebstoffe und Bauprodukte e.V. (GEV) means maximum possible protection against ambient air contamination.


Another addition to the ISO-Chemie range is ISO-TOP SILICONE F for creating durable seals for external connection joints. This is another very high-quality, low modulus single-component polysiloxane-based sealant that offers rapid polymerisation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11600 F&G-25LM. ISO-TOP SILICONE F is almost odourless, colour-fast, weather and UV-resistant. It is also watertight and airtight after curing. The sealant is available as a transparent version and in many different colours; it adheres very well to many porous materials, hard PVC, treated wood, metal and glass.


PU foam with extremely high yield

The third new arrival (ISO-TOP THERMFOAM XL) is an extremely high yield polyurethane foam. This ready to use, single-component, self-expanding polyurethane was designed for the thermal and sound insulation of connection joints and for installing construction elements in accordance with the RAL installation guide. Low volume loss and excellent dimensional stability without loss of volume are further positive characteristics. The foam is resistant to ageing, rotting, mould and decay. After curing, it can be plastered, painted or pasted over.


Re-ordering products online

Customers can now re-order products online at the ISO-PORTAL. The new ordering facility was introduced alongside other interesting content in the “My Documents” area. This can be viewed online and on site at any time. Customers can check the status of their orders, view order documents and track deliveries. They can also download important documents such as price lists. This upgraded online service is designed to help customers save time and reduce administrative costs.


Training clips to download at the ISO-PORTAL

ISO-PORTAL users can now download interesting training clips from the ISO-Chemie TRAINING CENTER. The videos provide step by step explanations of various installation options for connection foils, multi-purpose joint sealing tapes and in-front-of-wall installation systems, along with valuable tips for a professional finish. The practical download function allows the training clips to be used on various devices - on site, in employee training courses and in meetings with customers. ISO-Chemie is providing this new media service to support customers in using its products, regardless of time or location.


Large live show

And last, but not least, ISO-Chemie’s live show on the stand really drew in the crowds. This satirical show used live broadcasts from two sites to demonstrate to visitors just how well or badly installation could go in extreme circumstances. This was, of course, intentionally funny.



ISO-Chemie also used the trade show to draw attention to its ISO CONSTRUCTION ADVISER service. A team of experts offers professional support to designers, architects and installers for planning and executing their construction projects. The service ranges from site surveys, material recommendations, detailed planning, includes custom-fabricated special solutions and advice on logistics, stress analyses and preliminary structural analyses, right through to conventional e-mail and telephone support. The ISO CONSTRUCTION ADVISER service is an important component of the future-focussed BAUFUGE 4.0 concept that ISO-Chemie introduced on its 40th birthday.


The next generation of building sealing

On its stand at Fensterbau Frontale 2018, ISO-Chemie demonstrated that its future-focussed BAUFUGE 4.0 programme is oriented towards the next generation of building seals.


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