November 2021


We have developed a multi-purpose sealing tape to thermally insulate joints in windows, facades, timber constructions and roof coverings that are indirectly exposed to the weather. The use of innovative Microtherm technology gives ISO-BLOCO XTHERM low thermal conductivity and very good sound-proofing properties of up to 62 dB.

In addition to the outstanding thermal insulation and sound-proofing properties, this sealing tape is also able to absorb movements long-term, making it perfect for sealing covered movement joints. The material structure is permeable to vapour diffusion, enabling any moisture enclosed in the joint to escape. The joint thus remains dry and the formation of mould is prevented.


This pre-compressed, impregnated sealing tape made from PUR soft foam can be used in various construction areas, regardless of the weather conditions. The Microtherm effect extends over the entire installation depth, so ISO-BLOCO XTHERM is especially suitable for fitting components with larger frame installation depths and commonly available front doors and lift-and-slide doors. There is little tape compression inside the joint which reduces the compressive stresses that occur in the lintel area of lift-and-slide doors.


Installed in windows, the tape creates a simple and reliable joint seal around the middle functional level of window and door connections. ISO-BLOCO XTHERM can be used in a wide range of joint sizes enabling reliable seals to be created for different joints in a single work step and using just one tape size. This saves valuable time and money on window sealing. The multi-functional joint sealing tape can be combined with other products from the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM and ISOE-EWI SEALING SYSTEM. ISO-BLOCO XTHERM is available for window joints from 30 to 200 mm deep and in various sizes for joints from 4 to 60 mm.


How Microtherm technology works

In facade constructions, the tape can be used as a formwork connection or as a contact surface for cast-in-place concrete or concrete elements. In drywall and timber construction it is suitable for interior use in lightweight partitions or for decoupling double floors. In roof coverings, ISO-BLOCO XTHERM can be used both for decoupling and as insulation for areas on and around purlins and roof windows.


And with regard to healthy homes and provision of clean ambient and interior air, ISO-BLOCO XTHERM has been tested by the GEV (Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials e.V.) and awarded the EMICODE® premium classification of “very low-emission”. This certification confirms that the low-emission tape does not give off any harmful substances into the ambient air, so it can be used with confidence in interior situations.


We have applied for patent protection for our innovative joint sealing tape with Microtherm technology and offer a 10-year functional warranty for this sealing product.


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