In time for the BAU 2013 trade fair, the sealing specialist ISO-Chemie has extended its range of foils by a sturdy and durable window and façade connection foil which has been tailored perfectly to the demanding sealing of joints in metal façades and thus represents a high-quality and low-cost alternative to classic EPDM foils.

Resistant to tearing and UV

ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD is especially resistant to tearing and has long UV stability of up to one year. The good resistance values and long resistance to natural weathering the plastic fleece foil is ideal for the reliable sealing of window and door elements in metal, window and façade structures, particularly when joint structures are exposed to the elements for longer periods during construction work. This gives processors a more solid basis for smooth order processing.


Humidity-regulating functional mechanism

The special foil reacts to different seasonal temperature gradients by variable adaptation of its sd value. Thanks to the large vapour diffusion gradient of 1:12 a humidity-regulating functional mechanism is created which results in a high drying-out effect in the building connection joint all year round. Trapped humidity can escape in both directions, thus effectively avoiding humidity damage and health risks caused by mould formation.


Only one foil for inside and outside

In addition, the variable-humidity connection foil with the adaptable sd value is suitable for inside and outside sealing to the same extent – as protection from the weather on the outside and as an airtight layer to separate indoor and outdoor climates on the inside. The versatility of the foil excludes mix-ups and the expensive complaints these lead to. It also makes purchasing and storage easier.


Outstanding resistance to driving rain

ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD also has plenty to offer in terms of weather protection. With more than 1,050 Pa resistance to driving rain the versatile foil has excellent values.


Different versions

A special fleece surface always makes it easy to plaster and glue over. Taking the different installation situations into account, ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD is available in six different versions with and without self-adhesive backing. In the case of the self-adhesive versions, there is a choice between one-sided or alternate-sided equipping with assembly or butyl adhesive strip to aid assembly. The flat foil variant can be glued wind- and air-impermeably using ISO-TOP Flex-adhesive. Depending on the variant the foil can be delivered in widths from 70 - 600 mm.


Standard-conform sealing solution

With a view to energy-saving sealing, the new window and façade foil also complies with the requirements of the EnEV for air-tightness of the building shell and the recommendations set out in the "Assembly guidelines" of the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Fenster und Haustüren e.V. (RAL quality assurance association for windows and doors).


Low-price alternative to EPDM

The material has significantly better vapour diffusion values than EPDM, resulting in better breathability and a more effective drying effect in the building connection joint. Visible joints can hardly be seen thanks to the black colour. On account of its highly resilient material properties and long resistance to natural weathering of up to one year, ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD is an extremely attractive alternative to tried-and-trusted EPDM foils for demanding connection situations, particularly in metal structures.

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