The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM has been distinguished by the Passive House Institute (PHI) as "certified passive house components" in the window connection category. The passive house certification is a further noteworthy distinction of the in front of wall installation system by ISO-Chemie that has been approved by ift Rosenheim and been tested several times:

Certification as passive house components

To be awarded the certification “Certified Passive House Components”, the in front of wall installation system was tested subject to various comfort criteria in the Pjb passive house efficiency class. This sought-after distinction confirms that the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER is magnificently suitable for use in passive houses due to its excellent energy saving properties.


Thermal-insulating, sustainable system bracket

This is because the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER consists of a thermal-insulating and sustainable system bracket made of PURATHERM that is equipped with a high-level thermal-insulating core. The thermal-insulating core is connected to the system bracket by means of a hinge mechanism. This gives a big advantage with regards to installation, as that the insulating core can be simply folded away during the screw fixing process process.


Passive houses require high-quality components

In comparison to conventional new buildings, passive house constructions feature a very high level of energy saving. In order to meet the passive-house standard only particularly energy-efficient components may be used that are roughly two to four times more efficient as conventional products.


Passive house certified products such as the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM have been tested according to standardized criteria by the Passive House Institute, comparable with regards to their characteristic values and of excellent energy efficiency. Planners and installers can therefore be sure that the use of the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM will make a considerable contribution to ensuring the flawless functionality of the passive house construction.


Passive House Institute

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