November 2018


ISO-Chemie has already become a talking point with its forward-looking BAUFUGE 4.0 concept. At BAU 2019, the sealed joint expert will go online with a new webshop and will provide information about its sealing and in-front-of-wall installation solutions and BIM data.

“This is the next milestone on the road to the next generation of building seals,” says Inge Knorn, Head of Marketing. With BAUFUGE 4.0, the building sealing solutions manufacturer is providing important support for architects, planners, installers and retailers through the digitisation of processes, thus ensuring a high level of reliability in terms of predictive planning, efficient implementation and a smooth workflow.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is playing an increasingly significant role in the implementation of large and complex planning tasks. As one of the leading companies in the field of sealing technology, ISO-Chemie is now able provide architects and specialist planners with BIM-ready product data.


Interested visitors at BAU in Munich can discover more about these BIM objects on ISO-Chemie’s stand. The first step was to create a range of BIM data from the “joint sealing tapes”, “multifunction joint sealing tapes” and “in-front-of-wall installation systems” product families; these are available for downloading as BIM-ready objects. More products are at the planning stage. The BIM data can be used free of charge, either via the in-house ISO-PORTAL at portal.iso-chemie.eu or using an external BIM database. It can also be used in CAD software such as "Autodesk Revit". An electronic CAD product catalogue will be available as a supplement to this.


The BIM model-based planning method is intended to facilitate planning, execution and and management of buildings across all the trades involved using a common data model for all participants. The important factor is that all the relevant building data is digitally recorded, combined and interlinked in a model. “Systematically maintained building data helps the operator throughout the structure’s life cycle with the knowledge of what has been installed and where. If a window has to be replaced in 30 years’ time, it will be clearly identifiable which products were used and which component connections are affected. So renovations can be planned efficiently and carried out under controlled conditions,” explains Dr Martin Deiß, Managing Director of ISO-Chemie.


ISO-Chemie will also present its new webshop at BAU. This is another service that ISO-Chemie customers can use via the ISO-PORTAL at portal.iso-chemie.eu to streamline their ordering processes.


Visitors to the stand can also look forward to an innovative new product from the ISO-Chemie stable. The sealing specialist will be introducing a new window sealing product that impresses with its exceptional functional characteristics.


Also on show will be various in-front-of-wall installation solutions along with a range of high-performance joint sealing products for thermal insulation composite systems, fire protection and window, metal, wood and facade construction. In energy-efficient structures, the system solutions help to improve structural factors such as air-tightness, permanent movement, weather-resistance, thermal and sound insulation as well as humidity and fire protection, and thus create a healthy room climate.


ISO-Chemie’s stand at BAU 2019 will therefore focus fully on the BAUFUGE 4.0 concept. To find out more, visit Stand 432 in Hall B6.


Anyone with an interest in lightweight metal construction can find out more about ISO-Chemie’s solutions from the ISOM-METAL BUILDING SEALING SYSTEM range at the shared stand with the IFBS steel construction industry association. The system is made up of a number of components and has been specially designed for sealing ceiling and wall structures with trapezoidal roof panels, steel panel profiles and sandwich elements so that they are resistant to driving rain and draughts. It offers a sealing solution for almost every connection situation in lightweight metal structure while being compliant with EnEV, DIN 4108, DIN 18542 as well as the IFBS technical rules for lightweight steel construction.


> Main ISO-Chemie stand: Hall B6, Stand 432

> Shared stand with IFBS: Hall B2, Stand 303


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