August 2021


ISO-Chemie now offers self-adhesive pads for its ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD variable window connection foil. These are used during window installation as a fast, reliable and uncomplicated way to seal individual components such as metal anchors, fixing cleats, open ends on widening profiles or other potential leaks.

Quick & easy masking of metal anchors with ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD PADS

Each pad is self-adhesive over the entire surface; they are 200 mm long and either 100 or 140 mm wide. Perforations allow the pads to be easily detached from the 30-metre roll. Before use, simply peel back the split liner to remove the protective film over the adhesive. As the pads are self-adhesive over the entire surface, there is no need to use an additional paste-like fixing adhesive. When used to cover metal surfaces such as fixing anchors, the fleece-coated sealing pads also provide an excellent base for plastering over.


The ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD PADS with their moisture-regulating properties can be used to equally good effect for internal and external window sealing since the sd-value of the foil pads adapts to the seasonal temperature gradients that occur throughout the year.


Offering 1,050 Pa resistance to driving rain, the window foil pads also provide excellent weather protection. They are also airtight and meet the requirements of the German Building Energy Act and the RAL quality-assured installation principles.


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