NEWS 05/2015


We have had our in front of wall installation system ISO-TOP WINFRAMER comprehensively tested by ift Rosenheim and other renowned testing institutes.

Alongside numerous existing test certificates, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER has passed a further two tests with flying colours.


Component test MO-01/1 uses a standardised method to determine the suitability and capacity of sealing systems. For this, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER underwent numerous tests in order to determine its suitability for use in a real installation situation.


ISO-TOP WINFRAMER passed both the tests of ability to absorb movement (stretching, compression, shearing, and connection) and resistance to changing mechanical loads, changes in temperature and the effects of UV light and humidity without any problems.


Other elements of the test included compatibility with adjacent construction materials, resistance to steam diffusion, fire behaviour, air-tightness, resistance to driving rain and how easy it is to use.


In a second test the acoustic insulation characteristics were examined by ift Rosenheim. The results of this examination were also extremely good.


This means that ISO-TOP WINFRAMER meets the stated specifications, values and requirements which clearly prove its suitability for use.


ISO-TOP WINFRAMER thus puts many other in front of wall installation systems in the shade.


Visit our product page to find out about what else ISO-TOP WINFRAMER can do.

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