Almost 5,000 metres of the multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE from ISO-Chemie were fitted in the largest office-building project in Bielefeld, “Quartier Nr. 1”. Once completed, the six-storey office block with 10,000 square metres of floor space will house the Bielefeld Job Centre.

The company Rosensträter OHG from Melle was responsible for delivering and installing the 740 window elements with reveal plates and sunblinds. The correct sealing of the window elements to the structure, which is made of pre-fabricated concrete parts or in situ concrete, presented a special challenge. The large number of windows requires their sealing to be as effective and economical as possible.


For this reason, Jürgen Rosensträter decided to use the tried-and-trusted multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE from ISO-Chemie, since he felt it is the best 3-layer tape for this application.


And sure enough, the professional sealing of the windows using ISO-BLOCO ONE was completed in a straightforward and time-saving manner. The fitters glued the pre-compressed multi-function joint sealing tape around the window frame in one single working step. To protect the structure against standing water, the products ISO-CONNECT INSIDE FD and OUTSIDE FD from the window connection foil range from ISO-Chemie were applied in addition at the bottom joint.


The decision to use the multi-function sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE turned out to be spot on for the processing company. Instead of the 30 minutes per window required for conventional window fitting, the working time was cut to less than half by using ISO-BLOCO ONE. Yet the “all-in-one tape” achieves everything demanded of a 3-layer seal in line with EnEV and RAL guidelines – which would otherwise require three different products. On the outside, ISO-BLOCO ONE is resistant to driving rain with more than 1,000 Pa, its centre provides acoustic and thermal insulation, and the special airtight foil used on the inside has an a-value of zero, making it absolutely airtight and vapour-resistant according to the latest technical standard. Thus the tape, which is suitable for use in passive energy houses, makes a significant contribution to reducing the loss of convection heating.


With the extremely favourable sd-value gradient of 50 : 1 it also provides an optimum vapour diffusion gradient and corresponds to the principle "more airtight inside than out" in accordance with the installation guide published by the RAL Gütegemeinschaft Fenster und Haustüren e.V. [quality assurance association for windows and doors]. ISO-BLOCO ONE thus guarantees the effective transportation of humidity to the outside, enabling joints to dry quickly.


Furthermore, numerous other tests prove the outstanding functional ability of the multi-function joint sealing tape. ISO-BLOCO ONE has both the BG 1 classification required for outer sealing and the BG R classification required for room-side sealing in accordance with DIN 18542.


In addition, ISO-BLOCO ONE has been rated "very low emission" by the GEV mark EMICODE® EC1 PLUS. This premium classification by the Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe, Klebstoffe und Bauprodukte e.V. (GEV) [alliance for emission-controlled installation products, adhesives and construction products] means maximum possible protection against ambient air contamination for the Bielefeld Job Centre employees.


The tape has been awarded the RAL quality mark "Joint-sealing components and systems" not least for this reason. The RAL quality mark guarantees outstanding, durable quality and the planning reliability related to this, because products that have been awarded the RAL quality mark of the RAL Gütegemeinschaft Fugendichtungs-Komponenten und –Systeme e.V. (FDKS) [quality assurance association for joint sealing components and systemsz] must prove during regular external and internal audits that they have a consistent quality that goes far beyond the requirements of the German industrial standard DIN. The maximum technical standards are drawn on for the quality and testing conditions of the RAL quality association. For this purpose, ISO-BLOCO ONE is subjected to independent external monitoring by ift Rosenheim in all important quality aspects such as driving rain or airtightness. All 740 windows in the building project in Bielefeld were sealed using one and the same tape dimension. The dimension chosen – 54/5-30 mm – can be used to reliably seal joints from 5-30 mm. Jürgen Rosensträter's opinion was confirmed by this building project: The multi-function joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE is the right choice for professional, straightforward and long-lasting window sealing.

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