Reliable protection

Structural solutions for highly sensitive items are no problem for us. Not only do we exploit the myriad opportunities that foam offers as a material, but we also fully utilise the creativity of our development engineers.

Structural packaging for highly sensitive items requires careful attention at the design, planning and implementation stages. Our moulded foam inlays are designed and produced to precisely match the shape, weight and sensitivity of your products.

We will carry out drop test for you using a precision drop test system to ensure that your valuable products will not be damaged in any way by vibration or impact.


Financially and environmentally sustainable

The individual nature of the items to be packed and the associated requirements mean that we are constantly developing new shapes. We use foams that are both recyclable and reusable. Which makes them both financially and environmentally sustainable.


Transport protection and long-term packaging in one. Our packaging systems meet this requirement. We can supply the perfect transport container for your special application, or cardboard packaging with a suitable inlay.