ISO-marking system IKS

Our ISO MARKING SYSTEM (IKS) opens up the full range of options for individually marking your foam, plastic or wood packaging. For example you can get your message across more effectively in product presentations by identifying your packaging products with your company name or logo. Equally useful is the owner’s identification for cargo carriers or the labelling of tool and equipment inlays for ease of allocation.

Product benefits

More effective advertising

Reinforce the advertising impact during product presentations. Have your packaging products marked with your company logo or brand name. Marked load carriers, tool and device inserts can also be assigned more easily this way.

Foam embossing using IKS technology

We can emboss all the foams we supply in accordance with your specifications, size and position wishes. IKS technology can even implement different font sizes and formats.

Individual design

We can emboss all the PE, PUR and Ethafoam we supply to match your specifications, size and positioning requirements. You decide whether to identify your product with a logo, slogan, label or part number.

Different fonts and formatting

With IKS technology we can even use different fonts and formatting for you.


The professional thermal embossing method used with IKS technology has significant advantages over other marking and labelling systems such as screen printing, which can fade or peel off over time. With IKS embossing, the marking is permanent and the quality remains exactly as it was on day one.