Material Types


Different material types for maximum flexibility and individuality!

Polyethylene (PE) foam

The outstanding properties of this closed-cell, fine-pored foam make it particularly dimensionally stable with a long service life. PE foam is very strong, allowing it to be worked using a range of techniques. Options include water jet cutting, milling and punching. We will select the best and most cost-effective solution for you to suit your individual requirements.


Areas of application

  • presentation and complete packaging
  • structural packaging
  • logistics and transport packaging
  • internal movement of goods
  • technical applications



Of all the PE foams, Ethafoam is particularly suitable for high value and sensitive items. It offers outstanding, durable and long-lasting cushioning for a wide range of load types. This excellent special foam can even withstand repeated impact. Ethafoam therefore plays an important role in transport protection. This top class material is ideal for use as structural packaging for particularly valuable items. Ethafoam is also notably used for the production of archery targets. It is available in black and white, with different material types available according to weight and sensitivity.


Polyurethane (PUR) soft foam

Polyurethane soft foam products are found in many different everyday applications. The properties of this universal foam include excellent dimensional stability, great elasticity and low weight. Available in anthracite and white, our PUR soft foam is used in packaging technology, the automotive and electronics industries and other technical sectors. Grey polyurethane soft foam is most often encountered as egg box foam in packaging technology.