Foam-based product solutions - As inventive as Nature herself!

Nature shows us the way. Plants and other living beings have a wonderful way of protecting their valuable contents against vibration and damage; they develop a suitable protective shell. We keep this model in mind when we develop our innovative product solutions from foam. This is because foams offer visible and invisible protection and promote comfort in many different applications.


Our individually tailored packaging padding and case inserts are perfect for securely holding valuable and sensitive items and protecting them while they are transported. For technical applications, our foams are used as “technical parts”, particularly for sound and thermal insulation, soft positioning, insulation, sealing and shock absorption. In the “sport, leisure and promotion” field, we have already implemented many creative product ideas - the possibilities are limitless.




The right packaging for every product

High-value items need special protection. This means storage and transport solutions that will last just as long as the item to be protected. We can develop suitable packaging concepts from PE and PUR foams for your individual items. We will find the right solution, whether you want to protect your highly-sensitive devices, present your product range clearly and attractively or simply want to transport fragile items. We place great emphasis on safety, functionality and an attractive design.