Faster expansion of joint sealing tapes
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The versatile cleaner for PUR spray foam and guns

ISO-TOP CLEANEX has been specially developed for cleaning the inside of PUR spray foam guns. At the same time, ISO-TOP CLEANEX can be used to remove fresh, still moist, non-cured PUR soiling completely from various metal, polymer and timber surfaces. Positive side effect of the cleaner: Used in small quantities, ISO-TOP CLEANEX is also suitable as an expansion accelerator for pre-compressed, impregnated joint sealing tapes.

Product benefits

Cleaner and expansion accelerator in one  

  • specially matched to 1-component PUR spray foams
  • soiling caused by fresh PUR foam is loosened easily and can be removed directly
  • very good residue-free cleaning of fresh foam sticking to the inside of the gun
  • straightforward handling using versatile screw flange and spray head attachment
  • compatible with most foam gun types
  • expansion acceleration for pre-compressed, impregnated joint sealing tapes
Application Areas

Problem-free removal of inner and outer soiling

ISO-TOP CLEANEX is perfect for cleaning the inside and outside of PUR foam guns and for removing fresh soiling caused by 1-component gun spray foam. You can choose whether to apply ISO-TOP CLEANEX directly from the can using the spray head attached or by screwing it onto the PUR spray foam guns.



Faster expansion of joint sealing tapes

ISO-TOP CLEANEX has been designed as a cleaner, but is also extremely suitable as an expansion accelerator for pre-compressed, impregnated

joint sealing tapes. For this purpose, the tape can be sprayed evenly with small quantities of ISO-TOP CLEANEX after installation in the joint.

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