fleece-laminated felt strips for sound and thermal insulation

Mineral wool sheets for effective noise and thermal insulation

ISO-ACUSTION INSULATING STRIPS are mineral wool felt sheets with fleece lamination on one side and have excellent sound and thermal insulating properties. They absorb surrounding noises that develop within buildings and thus ensure a comfortable background noise level. They considerably reduce echo effects and noise pollution.

Product benefits

With V-cut for easy fitting on request

  • excellent sound insulation
  • non-flammable (building material class A2)
  • high material efficiency through optimum fit
  • V-cut for easy fitting and handling
  • fleece lamination to protect against fraying
Application Areas

For working with acoustic metal sheeting for ceilings

ISO-ACUSTIC INSULATING STRIPS are fitted in the perforated ribs of special acoustic metal sheeting for ceilings. The fleece lamination provides protection against fraying and thus reduces the release of dust to the environment. The black fleece lamination creates a matching optical shade effect.

For sound insulation in trapezoidal and lightweight steel structures

ICO-ACUSTIC INSULATING STRIPS are used in combination with special acoustic trapezoidal profiles for sound insulation in trapezoidal and lightweight steel structures. They are available either as rolls or sheets with V-cut for an optimum fit and easier installation.